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New Battle Chef Brigade update out now

Posted on May 3, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Battle Chef Brigade has received its second patch on Switch. Adjustments have been made to combat, the daily cook-off, and more. 

The full patch notes are as follows:

Forest background update

  • Eric traveled through the Forest, updating nearly all aspects of the illustrated arena background.
  • Enjoy a quiet moment with the sleeping Dragon in its calming grove.
  • Spy the looming Skyland above the clouds.


  • Fixed control rebinding issue that prevented slidekick from being used nicely in combos.
  • Thrash’s Consume radius has been expanded and is more reliable.


  • Lantern Fruit now contains two Water gems. Using it for massive points now requires tactical stacking or Fragile-mitigating items like Wart’s Spatula.

Daily Cook-Off

  • Challenge roll-over now syncs properly with the leaderboard roll-over.
  • Made chests always spawn the same “random” sauce each day since they introduced RNG into a critical ingredient type.
  • Removed consecutive-day bonus item awarding since we never explained it and it was only available for the first battle of that day. Everyone thought it was a bug.
  • Removed items that only work with the Combo Pan from the rotation.

Misc Graphics

  • The Judges’ Table candles are now lit during Brigade-sanctioned duels.


  • Adjusted final boss AI dish targets to be slightly easier to account for the late-campaign chef changes.

Misc Code

  • Load times have been improved. Some needless unload/load mismatches have been fixed as well as a few slow memory leaks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Loadout panel would allow selection of invisible options.
  • Fixed a few Chopping Board-related input issues. Usability improvements will be in the next patch.


  • Moved objectives header in slightly so it doesn’t appear cut off.


  • Now plays a VO clip when adjusting the VO volume in the Options menu.
  • Fixed very loud music in Chapter 4 Briefing scenes.


  • Added a new Safe Mode config option to help users with graphical issues.


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