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New character information, screenshots, and more for Destiny Connect

Posted on February 14, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in News, Switch

Developer Nippon Ichi has gone in on some new details for their upcoming RPG title Destiny Connect, discussing new characters, skills, Isaac forms, and costumes.

All information has been translated by Gematsu. The full details and screens can be viewed below.

■ Characters

The setting of the game’s story is a town called Clocknee, where time has frozen at the arrival of the year 2000. Today, we will introduce two characters deeply involved with this incident.


A mysterious boy who saved Sherry and Pegreo when the robots attacked in 1999 Clocknee. He is mysterious and somewhat cold-hearted. He seems to know something about the incident, but…

Destiny ConnectDr. Cheatstein

An old man who lives on the edge of town, and a self-proclaimed “scientific genius.” He is one of the few residents of Clocknee who escaped the year 2000 incident. He managed to discover the cause of the incident, which froze time for the town, and has entrusted its fate to Sherry and friends.

Destiny Connect■ Game System: Party Formation

Form a Party of Two Human Characters + Isaac

In battle, players can form a party of two human characters (chosen from four characters) and Isaac.

—Both the player’s party and the enemy’s party can only have up to three characters at a time.

Destiny Connect—Since standby members also gain experience points, everyone will level up at an equal pace.

Destiny Connect■ Game System: Skills

Plenty of Unique Skills

Each character can learn their own unique skills. By combining these skills with Isaac’s form changes, players will be able to utilize various strategies.

Destiny ConnectSP Management is the Key to Victory

Skills use SP (Skill Points), which accumulate with the passage of each turn. The maximum possible accumulation is 300 percent, with which you can perform powerful skills that require a great deal of SP. Check the Skill Gauge on the right of the screen and figure out the best time to use it.

Destiny Connect

Destiny Connect
SherryDestiny ConnectA valuable character able to use recovery and attribute attack skills from the start of the game. Although her HP and attack power are not very high, she has a full set of easy-to-use skills, making her an asset in any situation.

—Skill: “Bolt Shot”

A thunder attribute attack that hits a single enemy.

Destiny ConnectPegreo

Destiny ConnectPossesses a full set of skills able to damage the enemy and inflict status ailments. Perhaps because he uses his own inventions, he has many tricky skills including those with random damage values and skills that require conditions to activate.

—Skill: “Backpack Attack”

Deals random damage to all enemies.

Destiny ConnectTruth

Destiny ConnectHe can learn skills that weaken all enemies, or that add attributes to a party member’s attack. Although he does not have many skills that deal direct damage, he is mainly meant to cooperate with the rest of the party. This way of fighting is unique to Truth as a character who looks out for his comrades.

—Skill: “Ambiance”

Increases the speed of all party members.

Destiny ConnectAlterna

Destiny ConnectHe can learn strong attack skills that strike single enemies and skills that power himself up. While he is not good at recovery and party support, he utilizes his high attack power to steadily defeat enemies.

—Skill: “Freeze Attack”

An ice attribute attack that hits one enemy.

Destiny ConnectIsaac

Destiny ConnectThe skills Isaac can use differ depending on his form. By changing forms, Isaac can play various roles, including support and offense.

If the enemy seems strong, first change forms. Then, find a way to overcome their might.

—Skill: “Flame Barrier”

One of Isaac’s Guardian Form skills. Forms a barrier around the entire party that reduces incoming fire damage.

Destiny Connect■ Game System: Modding

By progressing through the game, you will be able to modify the robot Isaac and change forms. Here, we will introduce two new forms for Isaac.

Outlaw Form

Destiny ConnectA gun expert whose high accuracy enables him to take out enemies without chance for escape. As his mustache and leaf whistle suggest, this Isaac is a lone bounty hunter.

—Skill: “Bullet Rain”

An attack that rains down bullets on all enemies.

Destiny Connect—Skill: “Lucky Shot”

Attacks a single enemy. If it is the finishing blow, the amount of experience points earned increases.

Destiny ConnectChampion Form

Destiny ConnectA speed fighter who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. While his evasion rate and attack power are high, his defense power is rather low.

—Skill: “Corkscrew”

A spinning straight punch that strikes a single enemy. It has a fixed chance of inflicting paralysis.

Destiny Connect—Skill: “Energy Fist”

Fires a punch at a single enemy, disregarding their defense power.

Destiny Connect■ Game System: Costume Change

Sherry can change costumes by collecting the “Water Nitrate Balls” dropped all over town. A total of 21 additional costumes will appear in the game’s story.

Sailor Costume

Destiny ConnectWestern Dress

Destiny ConnectSherlock Outfit

Destiny ConnectCheer Uniform

Destiny ConnectGothic & Lolita

Destiny Connect—Costumes are depicted both on the field and in battle.

Destiny Connect—Trade in Water Nitrate Balls to unlock new costumes.

Destiny Connect


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