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New Golf Story details

Posted on September 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Brand new details about Golf Story are presented in the latest issue of Game Informer. The magazine covers gameplay elements and much more. For a roundup of information, continue on below.

– Dev says it’s a “golf drama”
– Fun of golf with a serious story
– Story plays out over eight courses
– Distinct towns, characters, secrets in each environment
– Can drop the ball any time and hit it
– Towns have practice greens and challenges
– Play traditional games of golf on full courses and compete in tournaments as well
– On a quest to go pro
– Need to level up and improve stats and equipment
– Different clubs have their own advantages / disadvantages
– Blades make your distances more consistent but are more punishing of inaccurate hits
– Clubs like the digging wedge can be used to dig up various things from treasures to old golf clubs
– One gameplay section has you rescuing turtles in one story thread, then show up during a match, letting you skim the ball across their backs to cross a tough water hazard
– Puzzle solving, drone flights, geocaching, mini golf, mowing, and more
– Lawn mowing involves fixing up an old course and getting it ready for tournaments
– This is what the first chapter is about
– First chapter: research course maintenance, deal with vermin that might be possessed, attract interest by convincing a celebrity golfer to compete
– One sequence involves specters haunting the greens
– Strike a deal with the ghost that sees you trying to complete his course
– This area is free roaming in which you find each tee to be able to play on the whole
– Malevolent spirits on the course try to use your golfing abilities to do your bidding
– Alligators may snatch your ball on a wayward drive, light your golf ball on fire to melt ice in other sections
– Switch was Sidebar Games’ first choice
– HD Rumble used to accentuate elements on and off the course

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