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Nicalis on Guxt for 3DS, regional releases, 1001 Spikes remade from Scratch, Grinsia’s tech issues

Posted on May 28, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News, Wii U eShop

Over on NeoGAF, Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez discussed a number of topics/complaints brought up by fans, such as the lack of news regarding Guxt for 3DS, Grinsia’s technical problems, and more.

Check out his comments in full below:

– I have a version of Guxt on my 3DS, but Guxt as a game isn’t to the level it needs to be as a for-purchase game on 3DS. We spent time with Ikachan to polish it more, improve the game, get more detail on the story and give it actual menus. Guxt needs a lot more work than that. You may be frustrated that you can’t play it, but I’d rather you be frustrated that you can’t play it then just release as-is so you can bitch that it’s not good enough.

– There are a ton of factors in regional releases. In the past NOE and the various rating bodies didn’t make it easy to release in a timely manner in Europe. We’ve had discussions extensively with NOE to improve this and they seem to be trying.

– We did announce 1001 Spikes two years ago. We’ve remade the game from scratch. The original game (1000 Spikes) was built on IG Maker and not a port.

1001 Spikes also has:

– over 100 levels (1000 Spikes had 20-something)
– over 20 characters (1000 Spikes had one)
– An actual story with cutscenes and multiple endings and stories for each character (1000 Spikes didn’t have this)
– 1-4P co-op and versus modes (1000 Spikes was 1P)
– Professional chiptune music by two great musicians (1000 Spikes had designer music that wasn’t great)
– Coming to Wii U, 3DS, PS4, PSV, Xbox One, Windows, Linux and OSX (1000 Spikes was XBLIG only)

Regarding Grinsia, our testing vendor (who we’re never using again) didn’t catch this. It’s not a cop-out and unfortunately that it has a glitch, but we submitted a patch to Nintendo BEFORE the game released so that should go up soon.


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