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Ninja Box details and screenshots – town exploration, traps, characters

Posted on April 10, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Ninja Box

Bandai Namco issued a new batch of details and screenshots today for Ninja Box. The latest update covers town exploration, traps, and a couple of characters. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Adventure from the village to the town

– In town, the outrageous ninjas lurk and various materials for parts can be obtained
– In order to create your very own “secret base,” your adventure will leave the village and expand over the town

Runaway Ninjas

– If you find a runaway ninja lurking in town, you can befriend them
– The runaway ninjas are hiding in unexpected places
– Tansanman, the Carbonated Ninja, Kuromaru, the Black Hole Ninja shown as examples
– Befriended runaway ninjas may also be carrying base parts or trap blueprints
– By obtaining blueprints, you can gather the necessary materials in town, then create base parts and traps

The Bad Guys Want the Ninja Box

– The Ninja Box is a legendary box that can build anything
– The bad guys who want to misuse its power will attack your secret base
– The Ninja Box is a legendary tool created by the ninja of Tatemakuri Village in order to protect and develop the village (secret base)
– It can make anything, as long as you give it the materials and blueprints to do so
– Its highly secure – only those certified are able to use it. Also, bad guys who want this Ninja Box for themselves will attack your base
– Defeat the bad guys by setting traps in your secret base
– Where you place the traps is up to you
– Build a cannon to protect your base and control it yourself
– Noten Chop-kun: unleashes gigantic hand chops on the bad guys
– Plug it into an outlet and the hand will automatically chop down when the bad guy underlings approach
– Other traps: Regal Megaphone, Poipoi Bomb Shooter, Kusakusa Gas, Sukashita Missile
– Other unannounced traps


– Tonkachi’s childhood friend from Tatemakuri Village
– Battle-loving ninja who is always prepared for outrageous training in order to get stronger in style
– When he uses his megaphone launcher, he shoots out the letters of the actual words he speaks


– Tonkachi’s childhood friend from Tatemakuri Village
– A ninja with the spirit of an outrageous mad scientist who spends his time developing gadgets
– Loves popcorn and will throw a huge fit when he runs out

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