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Nintendo has shipped over 77 million amiibo figures

Posted on November 8, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

amiibo figures have been an important product for Nintendo since the product started in 2014, and we now have confirmation that total shipments have surpassed 77 million. That information comes president Shuntaro Furukawa, who shared the news during a financial results briefing today.

Although Nintendo has slowed down on the amount of amiibo it releases, we still continue to see new figures. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate line is still coming out with amiibo even though DLC support ended last year.

Furukawa said during the briefing:

I would like to discuss amiibo, which we launched in 2014. Tapping an amiibo to an NFC touchpoint on hardware can have all kinds of fun results in compatible games, such as the in-game appearance of the amiibo character or special items.

We continue to release new amiibo products each year, and cumulative global sell-in of amiibo figures has surpassed 77 million units.


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