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Nintendo on Xenoblade Chronicles X marketing, audience for commercials (Latin America)

Posted on November 22, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Wii U

A few days ago, Gamedots published an interview with Dianne Segovia, manager of marketing of Nintendo for Latin America. Reader NutOfDeath was kind enough to send over a couple of translations.

First, Gamedots mentioned that Super Mario Maker and Splatoon received big marketing campaigns. Xenoblade Chronicles X, on the other hand, seems like it hasn’t seen the same sort of attention. Segovia said in response:

“Splatoon was a new IP and we had to start from scratch in terms of introducing it to the public. Mario Maker was a title that served as a celebration of 30 years of Super Mario Bros, and that’s why we had to make a big deal; it was truly a grand celebration, not just any video game launch.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is an RPG, a game for RPG and Xenoblade fans. We didn’t do anything too big because the audience for the game already know it exists and is already attentive of its release.”

Next, specifically talking about Latin American Nintendo, Gamedots asks who the audience is for its commercials. That prompted the following comments:

“It depends on the game. Right now, to promote the Wii U, we’re launching commercials directed towards parents who have young children who don’t know much about the console. They are the target audience right now, and thay’s why sometimes the commercials can seem a bit childish.

Games like Super Mario Maker had two commercials, one for kids and one for adults. This was done so that the adults could be appealed by the nostalgia, and the kids would be attracted to the use of GamePad and other novel elements.

In Splatoon’s case, we used a song for the commerical. The commercial’s design made it look like the game was only for kids.

For situations like these, to attract adults, we bring the game to public spaces so the general public can get to know the game and play it.”


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