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Nintendo says partnership with DeNA will continue, how partnership with Cygames came to be

Posted on April 29, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Dragalia Lost

More tidbits have emerged from the Q&A portion of Nintendo’s financial results briefing. Dualshockers provides a translation about what company executives Tatsumi Kimishima and Shuntaro Furukawa said on the mobile front. The two confirmed that Nintendo’s relationship with DeNA will continue, opened up on how the partnership with Cygames came to be, and more.

You can find a breakdown of what was mentioned below. Expect the official translation within the next few days.

– Nintendo is very satisfied with its mobile business and with the various projects created in partnership with DeNA, so that will continue as well in the future
– Nintendo is trying to expand its lineup of mobile games
– Cygames had a plan for a title that was very deep
– In order to make it available as one of Nintendo’s own mobile apps, they thought it was important to develop and operate it jointly
– This is why the business partnership was created, and 5% of Cygames’ stock was acquired
– DeNA doesn’t just support Nintendo’s mobile applications, but also its Nintendo Account system with tech and development support
– Even in that field, the partnership will continue
– The business alliance with DeNA and Cygames are different
– If necessary, Nintendo is open to partner with other companies as well in the future for mobile efforts
– The plan for mobile apps has not changed
– By using its IP in mobile apps, Nintendo wants to spread awareness about its characters
– They’d like it to become synergistic with the console business
– Nintendo also wants to make mobile games one of the pillars of revenue
– It’s not enough to just expand dedicated internal development resources, so they have been looking for possibilities to do it externally as well
– Nintendo thought that Cygames’ plan with Dragalia Lost was common ground for the companies, so they decided to partner with the developer to strengthen its own development resources for mobile
– If a potential partner is found that has a strength that can’t be found within Nintendo, this could happen again
– One important factor to think about when managing a company like Nintendo is that its products aren’t daily necessities
– Furukawa believes that the essence of its business will remain unchanged regardless of the changing of the times and the market’s environment
– It’s a high-risk business, and there are times in which performance could be good or bad
– About the kind of company he’d like Nintendo to be in the future, it will continue to bring specialized gaming hardware and software to the world
– The aim is to be successful every time, sometimes it will work out, and sometimes it won’t
– Instead of thinking “I can’t do this” he’d rather think “what can we do to continuously tighten our relationship with the customers?” and “can we ease the risk a little?”

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