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Nintendo’s Doug Bowser says it has no new 3DS games to announce at E3, but business still doing well

Posted on June 13, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

If it hasn’t become clear by now, Nintendo has essentially moved on for 3DS. There are almost no new games due out this year, and nothing has been announced in quite some time – including at E3.

Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser commented about the 3DS in an interview with Time, reiterating that the company has no new titles to announce at the expo this year. On the bright side, business for the dedicated handheld “continues to do quite well.”

Bowser said:

“At this point, we have no games to announce on 3DS at this show, and in fact we’re not really showing 3DS content here, because it is all about Nintendo Switch. But our 3DS business continues to do quite well. Retailers continue to support both the hardware and the software. And as long as there’s consumer demand for 3DS, we’ll continue to support it. In fact, we believe it’s a great entry point for young gamers. A 2DS at $79 with a game included is a great value proposition for a young gamer coming into the Nintendo ecosystem.”


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