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Octopath Traveler: May overview trailer introduces Ophilia, Cyrus, Talents and Party Formation

Posted on May 15, 2018 by (@OnePunchMaz) in News, Switch, Videos

Square Enix has released the “May overview” trailer for Octopath Traveler. Like the trailer they released last month, this one also introduces new characters, classes and gameplay features. The game’s official website has also been updated.

Most importantly, it introduces the final two playable characters – Ophilia and Cyrus. Cyrus is a scholar working at the royal university. An incredibly curious and knowledgable person, his Path Action is “Explore”. This lets him find out hidden details and information about other characters. During combat, he can reveal the weaknesses of enemies and exploit them using fire, ice and lightning magic.

The final character being revealed is Ophilia, a priestess. Her Path Action is Lead, which allows her to guide characters to certain places by having them follow her. In combat, she’s a classic white mage-type of character – she can heal allies, buff their stats and use light magic to attack the enemy. She can also call upon the character she’s guiding to aid her in battle.

The trailer also reveals the other character’s special abilities, called Talents. Olberic can take hits in place of other characters in battle. Primrose, like Ophilia, can call upon the character she has charmed and have them aid her in battle. Tressa can sometimes find money simply by walking around the overworld. Alfyn can mix items to damage enemies or heal allies. Therion can unlock treasure chests. H’aanit can capture beasts during combat.

Finally, the trailer talks a bit about party formation and composition. Your active battle party can consist of four characters, but you can swap them out with the other four characters at any time outside of combat. Even after you’ve met up with the other playable characters, you can still pursue each character’s individual story by making them the “main” character of your current party.

Watch the trailer below. Note that this is the Japanese version, but we should have an English version sometime later today.


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