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Octopath Traveler

Square Enix confirmed at the end of January that the Octopath Traveler demo had been downloaded over one million times. That number has since climbed to 1.3 million, the company announced this week.

The news was tucked away in the announcement for the Octopath Traveler Official Soundtrack. In Japan, Square Enix will be releasing the OST alongside the game on July 13. It has over 80 tracks and spans 4 CDs. 

Square Enix updated the Japanese website for Octopath Traveler this week. Following the reveals of H’aanit the Hunter and Therion the Thief as the latest characters, music themes for both characters were added. You can listen to the different pieces here along with previously-shared music.

Along with the latest music, Square Enix has updated Octopath Traveler’s world map. Continue on below for the image.

In a press release sent out today, Square Enix announced that Octopath Traveler will be receiving a full soundtrack release in Japan. Fans will be able to purchase the Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack alongside the RPG on July 13.

Over 80 songs will be included spread across 4 CDs. Pricing is set at 4,104 yen.

At this time, it’s unclear if the Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack will be sold outside of Japan. However, we’ll keep you informed about any import options that pop up.

Thanks to m_t for the tip.

Nintendo has released the latest trailer for Octopath Traveler in English which first came out in Japanese earlier today. The video details newly-revealed characters H’aanit the Hunter and Therion the Thief, Path Actions, and side stories. Watch the video below.

Square Enix has published a new (Japanese) trailer for Octopath Traveler. This “April overview” video covers a couple of topics, most importantly two new playable characters. The game’s official website has also been updated.

H’aanit is a hunter who lives a solitary life in a village deep in the woods. Her mentor left the village a year ago to hunt a demon called “Red Eyes”. Worried, H’aanit sets out to look for her mentor and the demon. Her Path Action is “Incite”, which she can use to set animals she has tamed on someone. In combat, she uses bows, a weapon class that has high accuracy. Hunters can also increase the critical hit chance of allies or delay the actions of enemies.

The special Traveler’s Compendium Edition for Octopath Traveler is available once again on Amazon Germany. To reserve it, head on over here.

The Octopath Traveler – Traveler’s Compendium Edition includes the game, a pop-up book, a map of Orsterra and a replica coin.

Ahead of Octopath Traveler’s release in July, the game recently received an age rating in Australia. The Australian Classification Board gave the game an “M” (Mature) rating. An “M” rating is given to games that have “content of a moderate impact and are recommended for teenagers aged 15 years and over.” For Octopath Traveler specifically, the Classification Board states that the game has “mature themes, sexual references and violence” of a “moderate impact” in addition to having a “mild impact” in the use of language.

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The Octopath Traveler – Traveler’s Compendium Edition went up on Amazon Germany last week. But less than a day in, pre-orders sold out.

Fans in Germany will be happy to hear that this is back up once again. Orders can be placed here. The game, a pop-up book, a map of Orsterra and a replica coin are all included.

Square Enix sent out a new wave of details and screenshots for Octopath Traveler today. We primarily learn more about Tressa Colozone and Alfyn Greengrass, as well as some gameplay tidbits. You can find the latest information below, along with screenshots. 

Amazon and GameStop have both been taking pre-orders for the Octopath Traveler Wayfarer’s Edition. Now it’s Best Buy’s turn. If you’d like to reserve the special edition, do so here.

Octopath Traveler launches on July 13.

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