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One Step From Eden update out now on Switch (version 1.3)

Posted on April 23, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

This week, the Switch version of One Step From Eden was updated to version 1.3. Everything from versions 1.1 and 1.2 based on the PC version are a part of the huge patch.

One Step From Eden has received a ton of changes, including a major difficulty overhaul. Crash and performance fixes are also implemented.

Here’s the full rundown of the new One Step From Eden update:

Version 1.1


All spells with Gain 1 Flow : “Gain 1->2 Flow”

Flow was too hard to keep going unless you had only Flow spells. Gaining 2 Flow per spell gives you a nice amount of wiggle room for other synergies. This should also help Flow artifacts see more use outside of Flow builds.

Earth Prayer

Gain Flow: 3->4

Rock Cycle

Gain Flow: 1->0
Damage: 40->60

Rock Cycle was a bit too spammable infinitely. This still lets you spam Rock Cycle with the right build, just not forever.


Damage: 80->50
Gain Flow: 1->0
Anchor: No->Yes
(also added a green glow when you have flow)

Waterfall did way too much damage without any risk. Adding anchor gives some tradeoff for the terrible terrible damage it can deal.

Hopefully this helps make Flow more accessible and gives you more freedom with it. I still want it to be a powerful build if you have all Flow cards, but now there’s more thought in balancing your stacks with Rock Cycle and Waterfall.


Anchor: No->Yes

Kunais are a bit too strong right now. Watchlist.


Duration: 10->12

This should give you a little more time to activate Mine

Sera Cannon

Cost: 2->3

Sera Cannon can be a little too powerful without too much risk. Watchlist.

Shield Beam

Damage: 10->20
Shield on Hit: 10->20
Shots: 4->2
Time Between Shots: 0.11s->0.2s

Shield Beam could get a little too powerful with shield upgrades and hitting multiple targets. The shot reduction also makes it feel a bit snappier


Slightly increased the cooldown for Bullet Hell Gunner’s weapons. I want it to be more of a relaxed gameplay option, but their dps was a bit too high to experience the game.


(Shopkeeper starting item)
Health Dropped: 90%->80%

Shopkeeper was a bit too resilient to getting hit.


Rarity: 0->2

Pet MaxHP increase per battle: 40->25



Base mana regen: x1->x2

Allowing both players to cast spells at a normal frequency should make co-op more fun and hopefully a bit more rewarding for the difficulty it adds.


Added a ‘Mods’ folder to StreamingAssets
Made updates use the ‘YourMods’ folder
Increased font size of mod descriptions
Made mods disable achievements
Fixed mods dissappearing after updating a mod

Quality of Life

Added a short hold for Skipping rewards, Upgrading, and Removing
Adjusted health values for ending bosses
Max Mana pact is now temporary during battle
Reva’s assist is more reliable
Artifacts like Uranium that trigger constantly during battle will no longer affect the player while downed
Reduced the frequency of attacks in some mid-lategame enemies
Reva will unlock automatically at lvl 6
Saffron Chrono kit will unlock automatically at lvl: 4->2
Added 32bit windows support
JTang redid Terra’s default outfit


Achievements can no longer be achieved via preview
The library can now be searched for keywords in all languages
You can now click on shop buttons at all resolutions
Fixed a softlock in the normal ending loop
Generated spells like kunais will now be correctly destroyed in-between battles
You can now get skins by meeting achievement requirements again if you didn’t reach the unlocks pane before
Playtime calculations should now be accurate when saving/loading
Adjusted size of boss hitboxes in normal ending
Upgrades for spells will no longer double when saving/loading
Fixed one of the ending cutscenes that was accidentally cut short
Character outfits will no longer show up unlocked multiple times
Pacts can now be removed (but not hell passes)


Fixed startup loading background not showing correctly
Fixed startup without Steam connection getting stuck
Fixed clicking the back button on the streaming pane
Fixed naming issue for Reva – Cyber skin
Preview characters no longer move during anchor spells
Rocks can no longer get artifact buffs in previews
Votes can no longer show up on display cards
Music no longer stops if the preview character dies
Stats will now update immediately after buying a new artifact
Flow can now be searched in the library

Version 1.2

–Difficulty Changes–

1. The chaotic part of the game (mainly mid-late game) are pretty messy. I’m introducing a new system that calculates the current number of live enemies on the field and increases the time between their attacks dynamically. Chests and minions will also affect this amount but to a lesser degree.

This should give you more breaks during the onslaught of the later battles, reducing the need to “burst” down an enemy at the start of battle, and help keep things strategic while still retaining a “fair” level of difficulty. I highly doubt I’ll get this formula exactly right on the first try so please let me know your feedback on it!

2. Easy mode is not something I want to just tack onto a game. Making everything “80%” slower is a pretty lazy design choice and not something I’m comfortable with doing. I’ve made changes to open up more opportunities to hit and avoid bosses between attacks.

It seems like the first world is slow enough for most players since it already has some “limitations” such as not spawning more than 2 enemies. I’m going to extend this limitation to the second world for non-ascension runs.

I’ve reworked the way higher tier enemies appear based on luck, leading to a smoother curve throughout runs.

I love a challenge and don’t want to take that away from hardcore players. Most of the changes I’m making are not just about making the game “easier” but slower, more strategic, and easier to understand. If you’re here for the difficulty, there are plenty of ascension levels I will continue to balance.

Hopefully these and the quality of life changes below help make the game more manageable.

This isn’t the end for making the game more accessible. I’ll keep working on it.



Rarity: 1->0

Ambient Burst

Rarity: 2->1

Blast Crystals

Rarity: 0->1

Not a great beginner friendly spell and gets in the way sometimes. Making it a bit less common.

Booster Shot

Rarity: 0->1

A bit too advanced for a common.


Mana: 1->0

It doesn’t do much atm, I want it to deal dmg equal to triple instead of just double poison but I’d have to re-localize in every language so it may take a while.


Damage: 40->90
Dmg increase per cast: 20->30


Range: 2->3
Shots: 10->12

I love this spell, I think it’s awesome but it was just a bit too situational and hard to use. Hopefully this makes it much more viable, even without root/tilebreak/summons.


Damage: 20->30

Jam Slam

Rarity: 0->1


Anchor: Yes->No

Adding Anchor seemed unecessary, instead I reduced the effects of a couple artifacts that worked a little too well with kunais.

Last Letter

Z Damage: 200->250

Magic Claw

Damage: 40->60


Rarity: 1->0

Great against bosses that move around a lot, especially for newer players.

Orbital Beam

Rarity: 0->1
Time to hit: 0.7->0.6

Many newer players were taking this spell but it’s not very beginner friendly. It’s also not used in many builds so I’m increasing the rarity.


Damage: 100->50
Explosion dmg: 50->100

This should help the spell feel a bit more “explody” and powerful, rewarding nice placement but not affecting single target damage since the explosion also hits the target.

Sera Cannon

Mana: 3->2
Rarity: 2->3

For most builds 2 Mana fits this spell perfectly. It shouldn’t be too easy to get for money builds since it can be so powerful, so instead I’ll be increasing the rarity. This way normal builds can still enjoy the spell, but not have it clutter the options too much.


Defense reduction duration: 15s
Damage: 50->120

It’s an awkward spell to hit. I’m increasing the damage but putting a timer on the defense reduction to round it out for more builds. It should still be good for multi-hit builds but with more of a “combo” feel.


Damage: 40->60

Felt a bit weak since it could miss so often.

Sword Row

Rarity: 1->0


Damage: 40->50

Felt a bit weak for it’s name.


Rarity: 0->1

Not usually useful, making it a bit less common.


Damage: 50->40
Anchor: Yes->No

Feedback seems to be that it’s more fun if you can move around during it and I agree. I’m reducing the damage a bit to make up for it.


Mana: 1->0

Kind of annoying to have to keep track of having enough mana to pull off the combo, hopefully this makes it a bit more viable without “step/dash” spells too. I think the risk/reward justifies this change.


Adaptive Armor

Armor: OnTakeHit->AfterTakeHit
Rarity: 2->0

This artifact helps with some the more overbearing “multi-hit” attacks like diamonds or rotating saws. Moving the Defense to trigger After the hit, before it was basically 10+ free defense (not in-line with other artifacts). I’m lowering the rarity to make it more accessible to newer players.

Card Thrower

Consume dmg: 30->20

Worked a bit too well with kunais, 20 dmg is still a nice bonus.

Cassidy’s Scarf

Rarity: 2->1

Chaos Frag

Removed all movement effects
Self-Fragile: 99->9
Self-Poison: 40->20

I intended for it to be a silly challenge, but most people did not have fun with it and it could ruin runs. This should make it much more viable for normal runs, and a nice pick for Self-Fragile builds.


Rarity: 1->2

Pet Kitty

Rarity: 2->3

Resistant Strain

Rarity: 3->1


Saffron Gen

Artifact: None->Soul Food
HP: 100->300

Gunner Default

Slightly increased cooldown for Default Gunner’s weapon.

Hazel Alt

Weapon now deals true damage equal to structure’s HP instead of 999

Selicy Default

HP: 900->1000
Mana Regen: 0.4->0.45

Selicy Alt

HP: 900->1000
Mana Regen: 0.1->0.15

Violette Default

Weapon back Shield: 30->40
Weapon bot Mana: 2->2.5

Player should be rewarded more, the change from 30->40 shield makes Corset easier to trigger without being punished for it. I thought it might be too strong at first, but I think the risk/reward justifies this change.



Now takes 5 true damage on hit
Shield on hit: 50->40

This enemy is pretty annoying, the 5 true dmg on hit will give players something to do instead of just waiting until it kills itself.v


Loop delay increased


Poison attacks made more visible

Avenger (Cactus)

projectile speed decreased to give player more reaction time


Added an extra chance for branching paths on the 4th zone, my intention is to make the paths less “strict”
Increased loot rarity in early game. You should be seeing a few more epics in the early game and legendaries in general. One of the reasons is to increase diversity and options at the start of the game.
Campfire Healing: 40*5->50*5
Increased a few enemies attack delay, giving the player more time to dodge.
Reduce enemy shield regen buffs and hell pass 9 health regen
Removed +5maxhp from upgrade pool for Ping (could be used to gain infinite health)
Missile Silo hazard time: 35s->40s
Gate’s hit-shader is 30% opacity instead of 70% since the sprite is so large
Time Slow/Stop now affects shuffle time
Hell Pass 04 now reduces boss healing by half instead of removing it completely


Added support for custom descriptions
Moved uploading and updating to the “YourMods” folder instead of the workshop folder

Quality of Life

Added a sound effect to Reva’s assist
Added a “quit” button the pause menu
Improved logic for previews, like moving when doublecasting structures
Dark zones will now color future zones “red” when highlighted to show that the rest of the world will be dark.
Increased visbility of broken tiles
Lowered Gate HP, but increased it’s defense – multi-hit and flame builds were having too easy of a time while most other builds were having a harder time against the Gate. In the end it’s toughness is about the same but it should be easier to beat in general.
Player tile will be extinguished from flames when downed
Violette’s music boss attacks are now “green” with a cross.
Last picked skins/loadouts will be saved as defaults even after restarting



Fixed gunner’s changed weapon disappearing on load
Fixed memory leak with generated spells
Fixed logic for the Bravely Default achievement, you can now use Removals. Which I don’t agree with but it’s worded that way so..
Fixed a softlock where battles would get stuck when Soul Gun killed a structure and died at the same time
Shopkeeper skin will now unlock properly (it’s nothing special, just the old version of her from the demo)
The end credits will now appear properly in all languages after cutscenes
Removing dueldisk and candywrapper will now properly reset their effects
Removing pacts will no longer softlock the game
Type of battle reward will correctly show up after shiso/chest rewards
Fixed a softlock where the player could get trapped in a corner during Violette’s battle
Effects can now be properly searched in the library (Anchor, Flow, Fragile, etc.)
Changed most attacks to spawn relative to the player’s position if they are on the other side of the field
Stasis did not remove shield from the player in some cases


Grail will no longer heal outside of battle
Hired gun and other spells will no longer trigger executions on structure
The gate can no longed be pulled
Character alt kits are now chosen when hovered over
Pet’s will now follow the owner’s facing direction
Mana regen text in stats screen is rounded
Disabled Hoarder achievement during previews
Added an extra frame of delay when opening the map, before selecting a zone, allowing players to use the same button for accept and map
Damage values will now show up for consecutive spells with the same damage under cast slots
Preview for Stasis will not work properly, losing the shield
Fixed a bug where the Shopkeeper was showing up twice in the previews
Doubling poison on an enemy will no longer show up as a stack of 0 poison
Spell and artifacts count will now show properly in the statistics screen

Version 1.3


Boss rewards will now also give a rare+ Spell choice
Boss rewards will now give a rare+ Artifact choice

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback saying boss kills didn’t feel rewarding enough. I agree, getting a common artifact felt pretty meh. Hopefully this not only feels better, but also open up new synergies to explore since they’re some of the more powerful items!

New Shuffle time addition: 0.1s (max 1s)

Every time you shuffle in a battle, the total shuffle time will be increased by 0.1s, up to a cap of 1s. This makes decks that blaze through their all their cards a bit less good, but shouldn’t feel too noticeable or bad in general. For reference, default shuffle time is 2.5s. The shield decay change also makes this addition less punishing.

Removed 0.01s shuffle increase per card

This should help counteract the new multiplier in some cases

Deck size mana regen now stops after 0.3 mana regen or (15) cards. I’ve turned the later markers into counters, to help keep track of the size of your deck when the deck gets too large. The markers have all also been moved down by 1, so you just need to hit the marker to activate the bonus mana regen rather than pass it.

3 Stacks Damage: 100->150

I’ve had some reports of Frost being underwhelming and I agree it’s one of the weaker synergies without artifacts. I’m buffing the damage from it to be more rewarding.

Shield decay on shuffle moved to end of shuffle
Shield decay on end of shuffle: 25%->40%

I’ve decided to move shield decay on shuffle to when your shuffle is finished so that playing a shield card as your last card doesn’t feel so bad. Also you won’t be as defenseless while shuffling. The shield decay was increased to 40% to de-incentivize stacking too much shield as a “safe” play, I think this is do-able now that shield is less of a necessity to get through mid-late game. The combination of these should keep shield in a decent spot for both small and large decks.


Doublecasting Flow cards will now trigger Flow on the second cast as well as give extra Flow Stacks

Mana: 1->0

Blade Rain
Will no longer land on broken tiles

Shield: 10->20

Double Tap
Anchor: Yes->No
Damage: 100->120

Fate Shield:
Hitbox height: 9->3
Horizontal spawn: 0->-1
Projectile speed: 35->30
This should give fateshield more versatility and use cases rather than only being used with step spells

Targets: Other->Enemies
This was sometimes killing hostages which felt bad and did not match the description.

Health Catch
Mana: 2->1

Duration: 3->5
Damage: 20->40
Increasing the duration and damage to make this worth 3 mana and reward good placement

Damage: 40->30
Fixed some cases where kunais could miss
Kunais could push out a bit too much damage for being 0 cost with no anchor. They should still be powerful with artifacts and spell power!

Mana Steal
Damage: 100->120

Trinity: 0->1

Damage: 0->1

Damage: 300->350

Brand: Miseri->Kinesys

Damage: 80->120


Duct Tape
Shield Decay: 15%->30%

Chance: 25%->50%
Rarity: 0->1

Shield: 800->1000
Changed description to match effect

Spell Power: 10->8
Can now hit through shield but will not kill


Selicy Default
Snow Piercer (Weapon)
Dmg per Frost stack: 60->80

We increased the damage per Frost stack on target to keep up with the Frost damage buff.
Update: We’ll keep it at 1 mana and leave it to the player to learn since she was really strong. I’ll try to find a better balance moving forward.

Money lowered for certain Hell Passes

Back (Shield): Set Shield to 60 if below 60.

Should make it less necessary to “spam” but still be pretty strong.


Projectile speed lowered for a few high tier enemy types

Quarreling (Snake) has new red wings for increased visibility

Limit number of Reva’s summons, they should also fire less frequently now

Bosses will now gain Defense equal to half their tier


Violette will now say guiding dialogue before and after attacking to players who have not followed her music path attack
Pets are immune to more status effects
Increase time before focusing reward cards
Lower volume of enemy death explosion
Lowered audio from previews
Enemy loop delays will now update constantly, in-case enemies are added or removed
Soulfire will no longer increase damage from the preview
Add some additional enemy sets
A max number will show up when maxed out on unlock levels

Quality of Life

Added a separate binding for “Outfit” button
Hold to remove Artifacts
Set world Tier numbering to start at “1” instead of “0”
Defense will show up as an icon below enemies and bosses
Luck +1 for each “None” Focus
Violette’s music path warnings are notes again but green, hopefully this is fine with the dialogue
You can eject cards you don’t have enough max mana for by spending 1 mana (by casting them)



Fixed the Bravely Default achievement for real!
Prevent the focus panel opening causing a softlock while removing spell cards
Fixed dual column credits not showing up in credits
Fixed a bug where shopkeeper would not start at the lowest hp for hell mode
Structures will now be imported as Structures in xml
Channel will no longer prevent movement animations
Abandon Run confirmation will now show up properly in all scenarios
Seeds will now give the same rewards but are affected by player’s location at the start of battle
Fixed a softlock when finding high rarity spells
Fixed a bug where both players would not get shield when playing co-op as Hazel


Fixed a bug where you could start with a locked skin
Hell pass aim markers will no longer appear when restarting save/load
Pets will now face the right way after looping
Fixed a visual bug where empower-ring would flicker damage
Wobble will now have both shots affected by damage upgrades
Fix donate value not updating when save/loading with shopkeeper
Fixed a bug where destroyed credits weren’t being deleted right away
Detox now also applies to the player
Fixed a bug where locked outfits can be used


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