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Posted on December 25, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop update 1.0.4 recently came out with its latest update – specifically version 1.0.4.

More improvements, balance changes, and adjustments have been implemented. Some of the additions include the ability to deactivate and re-activate systems, new resource colors for wires, and the option to place multiple systems of the same kind in succession on the ASL grid.

The full patch notes for the version 1.0.4 update are as follows:


• Deactivateable Systems: Systems can now manually be deactivated and re-activated again (will not produce resources while deactivated, but will also cost no maintenance)
• Several new resource colors for wires in ASL (Liquid Gas, Water, Temperature)
• Localized AI: Spoken texts by AI voice are now available in multiple languages instead of just English (adjustable via the settings menu)
• Improved System Placing: Players can now place multiple systems of the same kind in succession on the ASL grid


• Adjust interest rates for banks
• Decreased atmosphere needs for HCA and CAB workforce modules
• Decreased workforce requirement for unlocking LPI research project from 600 to 550
• Slightly adjusted project rewards for all 3 difficulty settings
• Reduced overall error probabilities

Bug Fixes:

• Made the collider of A2B2 connector a bit smaller so they can be built next to each other
• Fixed erroneous sorting of project research hints
• Fixed unlocking threshold for achievement “Architect” / Fixing stat updates for when progress-based achievements get unlocked
• Fixed faulty display of required mission systems in mission project requirements

All players on Switch can download the new version 1.0.4 update now.

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