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Outer Wilds update 2 out now on Switch, patch notes

Posted on April 23, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Outer Wilds update 2

Outer Wilds just received its second update on Switch.

The patch contains various stability and performance improvements. An issue is also now fixed where players would sometimes hit an infinite load or lose all the textures and collisions.

Here’s the full rundown of the new update:

Outer Wilds update 2 patch notes


  • Fixed incorrect music playing during certain dark sequences in Echoes of the Eye
  • Fix for getting stuck while viewing slide reels when button prompts are disabled via the Options menu in Echoes of the Eye
  • The Nomai shuttle no longer floats away when recalling it on Ember Twin
  • It is no longer possible to take a scout photo of a certain character before meeting them
  • Fixed some out of order slide reel images in Echoes of the Eye
  • Various fixes to collisions

Art & Visuals

  • Improved the animation of a hologram on Giant’s Deep
  • Fixed a hologram in the Orbital Probe Canon
  • Fixed certain environmental animations in Echoes of the Eye
  • Improved the resolution of a certain easter egg
  • Improved the look of water on Giant’s Deep
  • Improved the resolution of the murals in the Old Settlement
  • Improved resolution of a hologram in the Vessel
  • Increased the resolution of lights in the fog of Dark Bramble
  • Lighting no longer flickers while taking pictures when the Scout is inside Dark Bramble but the player is not
  • Fixed damage effect visuals on ship cockpit so they look more like cracks
  • The color of certain glowing Nomai platforms are now the correct color when viewed from a distance
  • More fixes for assets appearing where they shouldn’t
  • Various fixes for LODs so they match better with their high resolution versions and reduced noticeable LOD popping
  • Various fixes for incorrect, misaligned or missing textures and materials
  • Various lighting adjustments and fixes
  • Fixes for various minor visual issues


  • Improved loading and unloading of assets throughout the game, but primarily in Echoes of the Eye, fixing the issue where sometimes areas would appear white and may not have collisions
  • Quitting to the main menu while playing Echoes of the Eye no longer causes an infinite load
  • Fixed an image that appeared frozen for too long at the end of Echoes of the Eye
  • Various stability improvements for long play sessions
  • Various performance improvements


  • Fixed a rare issue where the Scout’s photos stop being displayed


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