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Paper Mario Color Splash interview discusses origin, RPG elements, future of series

Posted on June 16, 2016 by in News, Wii U

The folks at Gamexplain interviewed Paper Mario: Color Splash co-producer Risa Tabata about the game. You can watch the full interview below, but we’ve also highlighted some of the more notable bits of information.

-Idea for the game started formulating right after Sticker Star was released
-Based ideas around the Wii U
-Completing the story should be around 30 hours, but completing everything in the game would be much longer
-There will be control options to allow for using buttons rather than the touchscreen
-No special Miiverse functions (outside of regular sharing screenshots and posting)
-Not including RPG elements because the Mario and Luigi games already cover the RPG genre
-Defeating enemies will drop item that lets you increase your maximum paint capacity
-Open to making an HD remaster of a Paper Mario game if they hear enough demand
-Want to figure out different paper-based themes for making future games

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