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Pokemon GO Comic-Con panel summary – trading, breeding interest, more

Posted on July 24, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Pokemon GO

With the huge success of Pokemon GO, Niantic CEO John Hanke appeared at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 today for a panel. The venue was actually upgraded to a bigger hall a few days prior to the event to accommodate demand.

We now have a summary of what Hanke touched on during the panel. To read it in full, head past the break.

– Google Cloud team was backing up Niantic and Pokemon GO
– The team still wasn’t ready for what happened, so they had to add a bunch of servers, then figure out some bugs in the system created by that
– There are some rare Pokemon that haven’t shown up yet, “but probably will show up”
– “Other Pokemon might make their way into our universe” and “looking forward to finding interesting ways to make that happen over the coming months and years”
– Niantic is aware of interest in trading, working on making it happen
– Hanke joked that they need to make sure the servers can stay up before working hard on trading
– “We think that’s a pretty cool idea that you can find an object, acquire an object that’s going to change the functionality of a PokeStop and give it new capabilities.”
– “There aren’t Pokemon Centers in the game right now, there are some other functionality we want to bring to it – probably through the ability to customize PokeStops along with your friends and teammates to kind of build up an area for your gameplay.”
– Niantic looks at Pokemon GO as an MMO
– Will run for years, Niantic will continue to invest in it
– Game’s functionality will be extended, more Pokemon, new capabilities
– Niantic has only implemented about a tenth of the ideas they had from two years ago into the initial release
Eevee evolution trick is confirmed, and the game seems to have other Easter Eggs
– Breeding is an “interesting idea”; not working on it, but there has been discussion about it
– No date for training; currently working on the servers, but it’s at the top of the priority list
– Niantic is adding countries every day
– Hanke said not to poach at Gyms, it’s not nice, brief talk about maybe addressing that in the future
– Niantic is aware of the three step bug

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