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Pokemon GO receives new server-side update, brings about a few changes

Posted on August 21, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Pokemon GO doesn’t have a new patch to download, but users have noticed that a server-side update has been pushed out. Reddit user NaestaChalmers provides a summary of what’s been detected thus far:

– New movesets for some Pokemon (confirmed by Game_Master file)
– Dodging changed to general max. 75% damage evasion (confirmed by Game_Master file)
– Regional spawn rates increased heavily (confirmed by obvious observations)
– Increased potion drop rates (highly likely due to multiple observations and testing)
– Rare spawn increase in general (highly likely due to multiple observations)
– Faster egg hatch updates (likely due to observations and minor tests – needs more testing)
– Nest changes, needs to be further elaborated (unlikely: some observations but no general evidence, most did not change)

Niantic is committed to updating Pokemon GO on a regular basis. A new iOS and Android patch will likely go live in the near future.


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