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Pokemon Masters EX adds new Seasonal Scout and Otherworldly Encounter story event

Posted on October 17, 2022 by in Mobile, News

Pokemon Masters EX has started hosting a handful of new events in celebration of the Fall season. Chief among these are a new story event centered around Iris and Allister, as well as new Seasonal Scouts for both of the characters.

Check below for more details on these two events.

The new Story Event Otherworldly Encounter is underway, focusing on Iris and Allister attending a costume party but having to deal with an unexpected disturbance. As usual, players will be able to obtain event medals, complete special event missions and earn bonus items in the form of Midnight Parade Tickets, but some more unique rewards are also on offer. For one, you’ll be able unlock a new song, The Midnight Parade, by trading in Song Keys during the event. You’ll also be able to recruit a new Sync Pair, Helena (Hex Maniac) & Haunter, by completing the event, which you can then power-up using other event rewards. Additionally, a new related expedition area has been added to the Trainer Lodge for a limited time, and a log-in bonus offering up to 1000 Gems and 80 Skip Tickets has also gone live.

While the new Allister-based Sync Pair will be made available in the coming days, the Sync Pair for 5★ Iris (Fall 2022) & Naganadel is available now through an Iris Seasonal Scout. As usual, you can expect the Sync Pair to release with its Sync Grid expanded and the ability to be raised to 6★ EX. An Iris Seasonal Tiered Scout has also been offered; Tiered Scouts must be used with Paid Gems, but provide guaranteed 5★ Sync Pair Tickets if they are selected 5 and 10 times. Finally, you can obtain bonus items as presents by using the Sync Pair Scout x11 in the Iris Seasonal Scout.

All of these new seasonal Fall-themed events will run until November 2, 10:59 PM PT, with the exception of the Tiered Scout, which will run until November 9.


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