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Pokemon Masters EX update out now (version 2.12.5), patch notes

Posted on September 14, 2021 by in Mobile, News

A new update has arrived for Pokemon Masters EX to prepare the game for its upcoming Villain themed event, adding new content, changes, and bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes below the break.

Unlocking 6★ EX Giovanni & Mewtwo

  • Giovanni & Mewtwo can be raised to 6★ EX starting at the date and time listed below.
    • Scheduled Date/Time: September 15, 2021 at 11:00PM
    • Your sync pairs become 6★ EX-ready once you use any combination of Custom ★ Power-Ups and 5★ Power-Ups a total of 20 times.
    • Using a Custom Giovanni & Mewtwo Legendary Spirit will complete the upgrade to 6★ EX.
    • Legendary Spirit can be obtained from Villain Event Prelude: Looming Shadow of Kanto.
    • Note: The Sync Pairs that can be obtained from Legendary Events will be eligible for upgrades to 6★ EX in stages.

Other Updates

  • The title screen has been changed to feature Villains from Kanto.
  • Made minor text changes.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

Pokemon Masters EX has been available on Android and iOS since August 2019 and has received a myriad of content updates and events from its developer DeNA since. To catch up on what has been added, information on the latest updates and events can be found in Nintendo Everything’s archive for the game here.


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