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Pokemon Shuffle update (4/24/18)

Posted on April 24, 2018 by in 3DS, News

This week in Pokemon Shuffle we have the ultra challenge stage with Zygarde complete form and great challenge stage featuring Blissey (Winking), Cradily, Chimchar (Winking), Manaphy and Talonflame.

Daily Pokemon are Oricorio Sensu Style, Pyukumuku, Oricorio Baile Style, Mudbray and Dartrix. One chance per day Pokemon is Frillish (Female). The competitive stage is Mega Alakazam and Pokemon Safari is Oddish, Abra, Tauros, Bounsweet, Gloom, Kadabra, Steenee, Vileplume, Alakazam and Tsareena.


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