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Pokemon Shuffle update: Mega Steelix competition and Thundurus

Posted on December 1, 2015 by (@OnePunchMaz) in 3DS eShop, Mobile, News

A new update has gone live for the 3DS version of Pokemon Shuffle. First of all, the Mega Steelix competition has started, which will run until December 8th. Placing in the top 12,000 in Europe, 19,000 in North America or 50,000 in Japan will get you the coveted Steelixite. If you place in the top 2,300 in Europe, 3,800 in North America or 10,000 in Japan you will also receive a Mega Speedup. Placing in the top 16,000 in Europe, 27,000 in North America or 70,000 in Japan gets you an Attack Power Up and a Disruption Delay. Everyone else gets a jewel.

Also, Thundurus is now available as a special stage in both the 3DS and mobile versions until December 8th. You can only play this stage once each day, however you have an increasingly bigger chance to catch Thundurus each time.

Finally, the Mega Lucario competion has begun in the mobile version. The top 100,000 players worldwide will get a Lucarionite while the top 10,000 also get a Mega Speedup. If you already have a Lucarionite, you will get a Jewel instead. Everyone else who participates will get an Exp. Points *1.5 item.


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