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Pokemon Sword sells more than Pokemon Shield in Japan, sell-through rate and more

Posted on November 23, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Earlier this week, Famitsu reported that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield sold 1.365 million copies in Japan in just a few days. Dengeki has now shared its own figure of 1.357 million units.

Unlike Famitsu, Dengeki also provides a more comprehensive breakdown of sales. Pokemon Sword was the more popular version at 499,753 copies sold. Pokemon Shield sold 347,629 units. Then with the Double Pack, that’s another 254,612 units (counted twice for both versions).

According to Dengeki, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield sold through roughly 80 percent of the initial shipment in Japan. However, that number varies slightly between both versions and the Double Pack.

The last new Pokemon generation, Pokemon Sun/Moon, sold 2.21 million copies at launch before going on to sell 4.03 million copies total. Pokemon X/Y also sold 2.05 million units at launch and 4.22 million copies life-to-date.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield technically sold fewer copies at retail. However, digital sales were not accounted for which were expected to have a notable sales impact – more so than the previous 3DS entries.


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