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Pokemon Unite update out now (version, patch notes

Posted on June 19, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News, Switch eShop

Pokemon Unite update

Pokemon Unite is back with another update, and version is now available.

The game is preparing for the return of Pika Party quick battles. Other than that, the latest balance adjustments are included – and there are quite a number of them.

Here’s the full rundown:

Pokemon Unite update version patch notes

Update Details

  • Pika Party quick battles will be available again starting 2024-06-22.
    • Take part in these fun battles with Pikachu!
  • Shop Updates
  • Event Updates

Adjustment for competitive tournament scenes

  • Changes have been made to some Pokémon stats and moves to adjust the balance in highly competitive tournament scenes.


Its powerful synergy with allies’ attacks in large-scale effects that leave opposing Pokémon unable to act led to high usage rates in tournaments. While retaining its characteristic of coordinating with teammates, the damage has been nerfed to make it more difficult to take down opponents alone.

Wood hammer

  • Damage:18% decrease
  • Cooldown: 8.5s → 9s


  • Damage: 25% ~ 18% decrease (Level 5 to 15)


Its high usage rate in tournaments was due to the effective use of Trick and Phantom Force to enhance the team’s mobility and provide healing at the same time. Since healing is not the primary effect, the amount of it has been nerfed.


  • Healing: 50% decrease


  • Healing buff to allies: 60% decrease


The high damage from Solar Blade made Leafeon one of the best Pokémon for securing last hits and picking up KOs, leading to early game dominance. Solar Blade’s damage and Chlorophyll movement speed have been nerfed to reduce its impact in the early stages of Unite Battles.


  • Movement speed increase: 20% → 15%

Solar Blade

  • Damage: 13% → 9% (Level 5 to 15)

Mr. Mime

In the current draft mode, there are few options for support Pokémon that excel at healing allies. To provide more options, the healing amount of Power Swap has been increased.

Power Swap

  • Movement speed increase: 8% → 10%
  • Healing: 22% increase


The excessive damage from Stone Edge and the high durability while in Sand Tomb allowed it to fight multiple Pokémon at once, making it difficult to deal with in ranked matches. The overall damage and durability while in Sand Tomb have been nerfed.

Base Stats

  • Attack: 150 to 485 → 150 to 450 (Level 1 to15)

Sand Tomb

  • Damage reduction: 25% → 15%

Stone Edge

  • Damage: 10% decrease

Unite Move: Tyrannical Rampage

  • Damage: 20% decrease

Scizor / Scyther

With the adjustment to the effect of the Muscle Band, its effect now activates twice when Technician activates, significantly increasing the damage dealt. To balance this, the cooldown of Swords Dance has been increased, reducing the frequency of Technician’s activation.

Swords Dance

  • Cool down: 7s → 8.5s


The damage dealt by Electro Drift was too high for a move that is difficult to avoid, so it has been nerfed.

Electro Drift

  • Damage: 5% decrease
  • Damage when empowered: 10% decrease


The effect of the ability Blaze was insufficient given the high requirement of five attacks for activation, so the HP recovery amount has been increased. Both Focus Blast and Blaze Kick have been buffed to make it easier to successfully chain consecutive attacks from the Unite Move to each respective move.


  • Healing: 5% of max HP → 7% of mad HP
  • Healing under 50% HP: 7% of max HP → 10% of mad HP

Focus Blast

  • Cool down: 9s → 8s

Blaze Kick

  • Cool down: 10s → 9s


To enhance its ability to withstand more attacks as a defense type, the recovery amount and effects of its moves have been increased. Specifically, Scald has been buffed to better counter physical damage-dealing Pokémon.

Slack Off

  • Healing: 1.5% max HP (6 times) → 2% max HP (6 times)


  • Cooldown: 8s → 7s


  • Effect of burn state reducing attack: 40% decrease → 60% decrease


As a balance type often facing 1v1 situations, its durability was insufficient. Therefore, the HP recovery amount from Shadow Claw and the frequency of entering a defensive state with Play Rough have been increased.

Shadow Claw

  • Healing: 20% increase

Play Rough

  • Movement speed decrease: 20% → 30%
  • Cooldown: 9s → 8s

Play Rough+

  • Cooldown: 8s → 7s


Compared to Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb seems to underperform, the move’s effects have been buffed generally.

Sludge Bomb

  • Damage on hit: 20% increase
  • Poison damage: 50% increase
  • SP. Def decrease: 30%(1s) → 40% (2s)


The damage of Pursuit and Psycho Cut was low, making the risk of engaging the opponent significantly higher compared to other speed types. The damage of these moves has been buffed to reduce this risk, allowing for more opportunities to KO the opponent’s Pokémon than before.


  • Damage from the front: 22% increase
  • (No changes to the damage dealt from behind)

Psycho Cut

  • Blade damage: 50% increase


Despite being a Pokémon that requires a high level to evolve, its impact on the game even after evolution was insufficient. To enhance its strength when surrounded by opposing Pokémon, resistance to effects from opponents have been increased, and the effects of its moves have been buffed.


  • Reduction rate of effects received from opponents: 20% → 25% (Level 1 to 15)


  • Damage: 15% increase


  • Damage: 10% increase

Dragon Rush

  • Cooldown: 6s → 5s

Dragon Rush+

  • Cooldown: 5s → 4s


While the win rate in ranked matches is within a normal range, the usage rate remains low. Duraludon has a clear advantage in quickly KOing Rayquaza, but a strategy focused solely on this makes the battle monotonous and diminishes the enjoyment of Unite Battles. To address this, we have made overall adjustments to its stats and moves, aiming to reduce monotony and allow Duraludon to actively participate in battles as an attacker proficient in defending goals and other objectives.


  • Basic Attack Speed: 10% to 80% → 10% to 60% (Level 1 to 15)

Enhanced Attack

  • Additional damage: 3% of max HP (max 1000) → 1.5% of max HP (max 500)

Flash Cannon

  • When the move is used, attack speed increases by 100%, gradually returning to normal over 5 seconds.
  • Enhanced attack additional damage: 3% of max HP → 1.5% of max HP

Dragon Pulse

  • Damage when slightly charged: 14% increase
  • Damage when fully charged: 15% increase

Stealth Rock

  • When shattered rocks hit the opponent, a shield effect is granted.
  • Number of hits before immobilization: 4 → 2

Unite Move: Revolving Ruin

  • Now knocks back the opponent’s Pokémon at the end of the move.
  • Damage from the beam: 30% increase
  • Continuous damage from the flame trail: 50% decrease

The Pokemon Unite version update is now available on Switch and mobile. We have more coverage here.

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