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Timi Studio Group

Pokemon Unite producer Masaaki Hoshino commented on a couple of the title’s gameplay mechanics in a previous interview with Famitsu, including the time limit for matches and fair-play points.

Below is Nintendo Everything’s translation of those excerpts:

Sylveon now has a release date in Pokemon Unite, and the creature is just a few days away. The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group just confirmed the creature’s availability for October 5 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. That’s October 6 at 1 AM in the UK / 2 PM in Europe.

Here’s a first look trailer for Sylveon in Pokemon Unite:

Mamoswine now has a release date in Pokemon Unite, as The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group just confirmed that the character will be available on September 29.

Mamoswine can freeze opponents in their tracks. Take a look at the character in the new trailer below.

A new update has been released for both the mobile and Switch versions of Pokemon Unite, bringing the game up to version on both platforms.

Today’s patch includes support for the new Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass, Unique Squads, balance changes, and more.

Here’s what new and changed as part of the Pokemon Unite update, according to the official patch notes:

Pokemon Unite is celebrating its release on mobile tomorrow with new content and features, including the Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass and Unite squads. Switch players will be able to access all of the new additions as well.

The Galactic Ghost 094 battle pass begins on September 22 with space-themed items. By competing in daily and weekly missions, you can raise your battle pass level and earn rewards. Those who purchase the premium pass will have the opportunity to earn more rewards.

The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group have provided new details on how players will be able to transfer progress between the Switch and mobile versions of Pokemon Unite.

If you’re playing the mobile version for the first time, you’ll need to log in to the Nintendo Account or Pokemon Trainer Club that you originally linked to the Switch version. Pokemon Unite progress will then transfer automatically between Switch and mobile.

Pokemon Unite has surpassed nine million downloads, The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group have announced. That number accounts for all installs through the Switch eShop since launch.

To celebrate, all players will be given 2,000 Aeos Tickets. This will be made available starting on September 29.

Pokemon Unite is getting a new update tomorrow, September 8, The Pokemon Company and Timi Studio Group have announced.

The new update will include bug fixes, text fixes, and shop updates. Additionally, some changes are planned for Blissey.

Below are the full patch notes:

Due to the success of the pre-launch campaign for the mobile version of Pokemon Unite, fans have unlocked a number of rewards, including Aeos Tickets and Pikachu Holowear.

The campaign started ahead of the game’s debut on iOS and Android this month. Once pre-registrations reached 1,000,000, players unlocked 1,000 Aeos Tickets in Pokemon Unite. The next target was 2,500,000 for a a Pikachu Unite license. Then at 5,000,000, Holowear-Festival Style: Pikachu would be available. The Pokemon Company has now confirmed that each of these goals have been met.

Blastoise is finally joining Pokemon Unite, The Pokemon Company and Timi Studio Group revealed today. The character will be available on September 1 for all players.

Here’s a trailer: