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Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition – Going Green patch notes

Posted on February 7, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Alongside the new Going Green DLC for Prison Architect that came out last week, a new update went out for the game. Paradox Interactive recently offered more insight as to what’s included.

Below are the full patch notes:

Feature Overview


  • Growable produce including: potatoes, wheat, apples
    • New export and usable as ingredients for inmate meals
  • New outdoor rooms: Fruit Orchard, Farming Field, Vegetable Allotment
  • Plant growth life cycle, irrigation, and composting
  • New Shed Object – which will store farming related items such as seeds
    • Also required for basic irrigation
  • New Prison Labour type
  • New staff member: Farm Worker
  • New room: Pantry
    • Allows you to use your own produce in your prison kitchen
  • Automatic Farming Items:
    • Auto Scythe
    • Auto Harvester
    • Auto Gatherer (basic and advanced)
  • New reputations:
    • Green Thumb
    • Foodie
  • 4 new grants
  • 4 new policies


  • Narcotic Production
    • Fields can be utilised by prisoners to secretly grow contraband herbs
    • Fields becoming potential Gang Turf
    • Herbs can be gathered and become Drug contraband
  • Booze Production
    • Kitchen ingredients and prison grown fruit etc. can be gathered by inmates and fermented/brewed
    • After several stages, Alcohol contraband is produced
  • New reputations:
    • Dealer
    • Supplier

Green Energy​

  • New Green Power Sources
    • Solar, Wind, and the Solar/Wind Hybrid
    • New electrical items: Transformer and Batteries
  • Selling electricity
    • New Power Export Meter object – which allows returning power to ‘the grid’, in exchange for profits
  • New Educational Program
  • New Green Power Grants
  • Energy targets

Recreational Gardening​

  • Includes a new room, a recreational/training program for inmates, and 5 new plant items: Rose Bush, SunFlower, Mixed Begonias, Heather bushes, and Hydrangea plants.
  • Inmates will be able to tend plants within the new Flower Garden room
  • Flowers improve the prison’s aesthetics and help calm prisoners tending to them.

Item Overview

New walls

  • Bottle Wall
  • White Picket Fence
  • Reclaimed Wood Wall
  • Hay Bale Wall
  • Wooden Fence
  • Garden Walls
  • Barn Door
  • White Picket Gate
  • Double Door/Staff Door/Visitor Door

New objects

  • Garden gnome
  • Light (Solar)
  • Topiary Bush
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Hay Bale
  • Serving Table (small)
  • Tray Dispenser
  • Food Tray Pack(s)
  • Wall Light (Solar)
  • Topiary Bush (Ball)
  • Topiary Bush (Warden)
  • Topiary Bush (Swan)
  • Topiary Bush (Deer)
  • Topiary Bush (Dog)
  • Topiary Bush (Cat)
  • Topiary Bush (Rex)
  • Wall Planter
  • Flower Planter (watering can)
  • Flower Planter (wellies)
  • Flower Planter (wheelbarrow)

New flooring types

  • Reclaimed Brick
  • Field Grass
  • Reclaimed Rubber

New Quick Room

  • Flower Garden

New premade maps

  • The Work Fields
  • Green Power Plant

New wardens

  • The Botanist
  • The Ecologist

The Glasshouse – Free Update

All Platforms​

  • New Recycling System
    • Includes new Recycling Bin object
  • New Quick Rooms
    • Yard, Grove, and hedge maze
  • 2 New dog types
    • Shepherd
    • Bowtie Bandit
  • Community improvement: dump/demolish
  • Community improvement: Objects Menu Sorting Methods

Consoles only​

  • Weather system
  • 1 flooring type – flowery field
  • Addition of the dog selection and all the previous dog skins

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • The prisoner intake does not match the actual intake.


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