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Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition update out now (version 1.0.10), patch notes

Posted on April 24, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition

Paradox Interactive, Double Eleven, and Introversion Software recently updated Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition once again. Version 1.0.10 comes with a whole slew of bug fixes.

Here are the full patch notes:

PC & Console

  • Programs from DLC Going Green are no longer visible in Scheduler if DLC is not enabled.
  • Fixed incorrect Continuous Fertilizer Pricing and Quantity: a new pack of fertilizer being ordered for every crop is no longer requesting continuous fertilizer.
  • Fixed: Placing helipad in outdoor storage room causes helicopter export & import issues.
  • Issues with trucks delivered ingredients by small batches fixed.

Going Green DLC

  • The bug that allowed to bypass the “Only outdoor” requirement for the Going Green DLC plants and grow and harvest crops indoors is fixed.
  • The bug that allowed the player to sell seed from farmer’s hands during “Plant Crop” Action is now fixed.
  • Staff alert about being able to house 0 more prisoners despite having many available spots no longer pops up on the Green Power Plant premade map.
  • The bug that covers various objects & NPCs by Light (Solar) when they move through it is fixed.
  • The bug that showed the incorrect prices for Seeds of Flowers, Crops and Fertilizers bought via the Cloning tool is now fixed.
  • The bug that allowed to put plants on all types of outdoor floors is now fixed.
  • “Crop cost” and “Crops per day” in the Ingredients menu are now counted properly.
  • Fixed “Check the Ingredients menu” text being displayed in the Policy menu without Going Green DLC enabled.
  • Saving and loading game no longer causes the reset of crops status “Crop need to be watered to continue growth”.
  • Fixed the issue with the “Over Production” grant that is available from the start of a new game, even if the player has not yet completed the “Basic Farming” grant.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed Criminally Insane prisoners to plant plants.
  • Fixed the issue with Auto scythe activating out of schedule whenever the savefile is loaded.
  • Fixed the issue with Practice Solar Panels overlapping with each other.
  • Auto scythes are no longer able to harvest fruits when trees are within harvesting range.
  • Fixed: Dismantling a second Green Power Source from a row of Green Power Sources, does not disconnect the rest of the row from the Transformer.
  • Fixed: Compost Fertilizer purchased automatically via Continuous Fertilizer doesn’t count for “Self Sustaining” objective.
  • Fixed: the Reception room in the premade map Green Power Plant is not connected to the roads under Deliveries in the Logistics tab.
  • Contraband confiscated within the last 24 hours is now updating properly in Premade Prison ‘The Work Fields: Going Green’.
  • The Compost Fertilizers task now completes 100% when producing 10.
  • Organic waste is now showing after harvesting Crops.
  • Herb plant no longer appears in the game.
  • Plants that reach 15% of damage are no longer dumped by Workmen.
  • Green power sources were able to connect to the power station without creating a blackout.

Warden Mode

  • Hiring an Accountant in Warden Mode and pressing the inventory button (bottom right) no longer causes expanding land crash.
  • Fixed the bug that made the Warden disappear at the end of the map when expanding the land while standing on the road.
  • Fixed the issue with Warden not returning to his office after dying.

Escape Mode

  • Fixed the fruit trees being replanted in incorrect spots.
  • The bug that resumed the game without prisoners after changing the game language at the Game Over scene in Escape Mode is not fixed.


  • The game no longer crashes when turning off delivery.
  • The bug that allowed to construct small bushes indoors is fixed (as small bushes are an outside only item).
  • Fixed: Tall topiary bushes such as the Topiary Bush and Topiary Bush (Rex) can have certain objects appear on top of them when placed on the tile above
  • Fixed: When positioning the cursor over created objects, UI is offering two options assigned to the same button.
  • [Switch] Fixed issue with game occasionally crashing at launch.
  • [Switch] An issue with the crop policy menu changing the automatic fertilizer instead of crop type when exiting and reentering the menu fixed


  • The data about the prisoners’ participation in programs is now shown the same for host & client
  • The Notebook Page now disappears after being read once.
  • Issues with the cloning tool (available for Hosts) is fixed
  • [GOING GREEN] The Working range of the Auto Harvester is now visible for the Client
  • Client can now reconnect the Power Export Meter after disconnecting it


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