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Puyo Puyo Champions getting Spectator Mode, secret characters, and more on Switch this week

Posted on August 24, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Puyo Puyo Champions

SEGA today announced a major update for the Switch version of Puyo Puyo Champions. New features and content are planned for the game, including a Spectator Mode, secret characters, and more.

Here’s the full rundown, courtesy of Gematsu:

“Spectator Mode” Added
Watch matches between other players in the online “Free Play” mode. You can also send support stamps in the “Awaiting Spectators” screen before a match.

“Color Adjustment” Functionality Added to Options

By switching “Filter” to ON, you can switch between four color calibration patterns—“trichromatism,” “protanopia,” “deuteranopia,” and “tritanopia”—as well as adjust color strength.

“Game Speed” Option Added to Game Settings

Adjust the game speed between three settings—“x1.0 (normal setting),” “x0.7,” and “x0.5.” Changing this setting does not affect how a match starts and ends, the fall speed of Nuisance Puyo, or Quick Drop time.

Added “Gummy” to Puyo Types

Added “Gummy” to the types of Puyo that can be used during matches.

“Field” Option Added to Pre-Match Settings

Select which field to use when playing against the CPU in “Solo.” You can select between 1P (standard setting, field on the left side of the screen) and 2P (field on the right side of the screen).

Detailed Match Information Added to Results Screen

“Number of Puyos Erased,” “Total Number of Times Erased,” “Largest Chain,” “Total Score,” “Total Match Time,” and “Number of Fevers” have been added to the match results screen.

“Auto Play” Function Added

Set “Handicap Settings” to “Sweet” or “Super Sweet,” or set to “Auto Play” in the match settings for online Free Play games.

By using auto play, the CPU will automatically perform up to 10 drops, but auto play will end if you make any moves manually during this time. Auto play also cannot be used continuously—you must manually make five drops before being able to use auto play again.

Rafisol and Paprisu Added as Secret Characters

Rafisol and Paprisu, who appeared in Puyo Puyo Chronicle and Puyo Puyo! Quest, can be unlocked as secret characters by inputting special codes on the character selection screen.

Rafisol is a mysterious being from another world, and she herself does not seem to know why she is here. Her fever type is “Aims for Big Chains.” Her unlock code is “L + Y” (Switch version) on the character selection screen.

Paprisu is a mischievous squirrel who lives in the forest. He appears laid back at first, but is actually very gifted. His fever type is “Aims for Fever.” His unlock code is “R + Y” (Switch version) on the character selection screen.


Staff credits updated and subtle balance adjustments.

This new update launches on August 27. It’s assumed that the west will be getting the patch around the same time, if not the same day.

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