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Puyo Puyo Champions

SEGA has revealed another special bonus for Puyo Puyo Champions. As part of the latest update, users can input a code for a new unlockable.

Valkyrie Arle can be obtaind in Puyo Puyo Champions as an alternate costume for Arle. Switch players simply need to hover over Arle on the character select screen and press “X” ten times.

Here are a few screenshots:

SEGA today announced a major update for the Switch version of Puyo Puyo Champions. New features and content are planned for the game, including a Spectator Mode, secret characters, and more.

Here’s the full rundown, courtesy of Gematsu:

A new update for Puyo Puyo Champions will be made available to players tomorrow, SEGA has announced. It will add two new feature: Lessons Mode and Challenge Mode.

In Lessons Mode, players can access “hundreds of comprehensive lessons”. Challenge Mode, on the other hand, “has you competing in various challenges to earn high scores.”

Puyo Puyo Champions is out now on Switch.


SEGA is promoting the western release of Puyo Puyo Champions with a new launch trailer. Take a look at the video below.

SEGA is preparing for the western launch of Puyo Puyo Champions by introducing players to the game’s mechanics. Have a look at a “Beginner Tutorial” video below.