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Quake gets Episode Enyo, a free Slave Zero X mod

Posted on January 16, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Quake Episode Enyo

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Slave Zero X, Quake just released a free mod for all players titled Episode Enyo.

The mod includes five new maps, eight new weapons, 8 new music tracks, 248 new sound effects, and new enemies. It’s set before the events of Slave Zero X and follows the story of Enyo, an assassin who was originally contracted to kill the SovKhan, Slave Zero X’s tyrannical ruler, before being forced to serve him as the Second of the Five Calamities.

Here’s some additional information:

Episode Enyo Trailer

Known in the Megacity’s underworld as “Beloved by the Bullet,” Enyo resents the biotechnology embraced by her would-be master and favors the old-world style of firearms and ammunition. Before becoming the Second member of the Five Calamities, the SovKhan’s innermost circle of generals, she was a skilled mercenary – a deadshot tasked with ending him and his tyrannical rule. As players progress through Episode Enyo, they’ll uncover how she became beholden to his iron will and forced to serve him in the story of Slave Zero X.

Featuring eight new gnarly weapons to wield, eight new original music tracks, and five unique, Quake-exclusive maps modeled after levels from the main game, Episode Enyo gives a blood-tinged taste of what’s to come in the dark world of Slave Zero X.

Watch a trailer for the Quake Episode Enyo mod below.

Episode Enyo Trailer

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