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Reggie not a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer, Nintendo listens to fans, more

Posted on January 6, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, General Nintendo, News, Wii

Reggie Fils-Aime must be on a high right now. Things couldn’t be any better at Nintendo and the man is still kicking ass and taking names while working as the President of Nintendo of America. Reggie certainly has a huge influence on the company, so one might be wondering what type of gamer he is. Well, he says he’s not a hardcore or casual gamer.

“The labeling of “core” and “casual” implies one is better than the other and just builds more divisions between people. I’m a game player. We’re all game players. If I had to classify myself into a category, I’d say I’m a competitive game player. I’m going to do my best to knock your kart off the track in Mario Kart DS, crush you at tennis in Wii Sports, head more soccer balls than you in Wii Fit, pay off my mortgage before you do in Animal Crossing: City Folk and out-strategize you in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.”

Reggie also commented on a few other interesting issues, specifically if Nintendo listens to its fans and if the company is interested in creating new IPs:

“We listen to our fans all the time. Nintendo fans are some of the most passionate in the world, and believe me, they make their opinions heard. We’re not claiming our way of doing things is better or worse than anyone else – it’s just different. We’re on record for each of the items you cite, so I won’t rehash all that here. But I will say that we listen very closely to what people have to say, both pro and con, and keep those feelings in mind as we plan ahead. For example, as you know, we recently launched Club Nintendo here in North America to reward our fans for their loyalty. I know everyone here always envied Japan and Europe fans for the cool Nintendo items they had, and now we’re getting some of our own.

We’re always developing new games and experiences and part of that includes looking at whether it makes sense to create new franchises and new characters. Some gamers want completely new games, while others want another Mario or Zelda game the minute they finish playing the one that just came out. Striking that balance keeps us all very busy! Nintendo makes games for everyone, so you’ll find everything from E-rated to M-rated titles.”

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