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River City: Tokyo Rumble sold out on Natsume’s Amazon store, but will return; exceeding expectations

Posted on September 27, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Yesterday, River City: Tokyo Rumble went up on Natsume’s Amazon store. This was the special physical version that’s packed with a keychain. It actually sold out already, but Natsume is working on a restock as soon as possible. A specific date hasn’t been determined, but it’ll be up on Amazon here as soon as more copies are in.

It’s good news for the publisher, as sales have “well exceeded what we thought the demand would be for physical copies.” Natsume apologized to those who aren’t able to purchase a copy, but you should keep an eye on that Amazon page for the restock.

Here’s the news from Natsume:

Today is the launch day of the long-awaited River City: Tokyo Rumble. Finally, River City is back! The game is available digitally on the Nintendo eShop and physically at select retailers, such as,, and It is also available in Canada with

Unfortunately Natsume’s Amazon store is currently sold out. Sales of the game well exceeded what we thought the demand would be for physical copies. While we’re excited about how much enthusiasm there was for the physical release, we know that a lot of you are disappointed you can’t buy the game right now, and for that, we are very sorry.

However, we’re working on restocking the physical version, right now. While we don’t have an estimate when these will arrive and go on sale yet, they will go directly to Amazon so they can be up for sale as quickly as possible. These copies will also have the Kunio keychain!

We thank everyone for the support that brought about a physical run of River City: Tokyo Rumble. Your voices were heard, and were making it happen.

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