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Runner3 introduces Sadbot as new playable character, Switch release tease

Posted on January 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Sadbot has been revealed for Runner3. In the latest issue of Nintendo Dream, there’s a one-page article on the game and new playable character.

The magazine has this to say about Sadbot:

“As for Sadbot, he may just be the very first Bit.Trip baby! Radbot, CommanderVideo’s hulking sidekick from the original Bit.Trip Runner, was too massive to make the journey for Runner3, so he grabbed some junk and made Sadbot – a smaller, stranger robot boy, born to run as Radbot’s proxy. His bucket-headed profile and torso built from canned Schlortz Premium Matt Fluid both beg the question: What lies in the soul of Sadbot? If Radbot uploaded his psyche into Sadbot’s motherboard, does that make Sadbot a mental clone of his ‘father,’ or will the sweet, lingering Sclortz in Sadbot’s heart-shaped hard drive intermingle with Radbot’s CPU to create a wholly unique mechanical offspring? Only time will tell.”

If that wasn’t enough, Nintendo Force also teases a Switch release of Runner3. While that was largely expected already, this blurb from the magazine is very interesting:

“Speaking of time and telling, we’ve heard that Nintendo is asking indie developers who have Switch games in the works to stay quiet for now. That means, for the moment, we can’t confirm if Runner3 is Switch-bound or not. We also can’t encourage you to look back on Choice Provisions’ consistent history of support for Nintendo consoles so that you may draw your own conclusions on where this Rhythm Alien’s future legend will soon be told. In fact, we may have already run our mouths off too much as it is!”


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