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SEGA Ages Herzog Zwei details and screenshots

Posted on June 25, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch eShop

SEGA Ages Herzog Zwei

The official website for SEGA Ages Herzog Zwei has opened, providing details and screenshots for the upcoming Switch release.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:

Original Mode

– The main mode, which is a reproduction of the Mega Drive version
– Play either against the computer in a one-player game, or with a friend in a two-player game
– Players will start from their base camp, placed on the top or bottom of the battlefield
– While producing weapons at your base, transporting weapons, and fighting off enemies one after the other, occupy the neutral bases along the way to expand your territory
– The first player to reduce the enemy’s base camp to zero endurance is the winner
– Can play as the Revolutionary Army or Government Army on eight different maps and four different difficulty settings
– SEGA Ages version has an information display that’s been added to the left and right sides of the screen
– Detailed information such as occupied bases, mech details, and selected weapons and commands will automatically display according to the situation
– Turn on “Helper” mode to modify your “base camp endurance,” “mech endurance,” and “weapons development budget”

Network Battle

– Through the network, you can match up with and battle against random players
– Network battles are fought with the same split-screen display as regular two-player battles
– “Helper” feature is not supported in network battles

Practice Mode

– SEGA Ages-original tutorial mode
– Learn about each game rule in detail

Player Mech

– All-purpose mech that can transform between infantry soldier and attack jet
– Outside of direct combat, it mainly transports weapons to the front line
– If its fuel runs out, it will explode, but it will revive at the base camp
– Infantry Soldier: foot soldier attacks with a hand-held cannon during ground battles; moves more slowly than the attack jet, but uses less energy
– Attack Jet: fighter showcases its strength during air battles, and its high attack power that matches its high-speed mobility are highly acclaimed; depletes energy three times as fast as the infantry soldier; during air transport, it depletes energy an additional three times as much


– Armored Car (AMR-51D): Production cost: 1,300; can be produced at a low cost and used in combat as well as defense
– Tank (TAX-52): Production cost: 3,200; attack power and endurance surpasses the armored car, and it has a wider range of actions
– Anti-Aircraft Tank (SAM-42): Production cost: 4,300; can fire guided missiles with the power to shoot down enemies
– Boat (ST-57U): Production cost: 3,400; sea-only; are of particular use in island stages such as “Strand”
– Supply Truck (SUPPLY): Production cost: 1,500; every weapon has ammo and fuel, and comes to a halt when exhausted; placing a supply truck can automatically replenish them
– Stationary Cannon (GMR-34A): production cost: 15,000; while it is the most expensive weapon, it can destroy enemies with attack power that surpasses the tank; since it is a stationary weapon, it cannot move
– Infantry Soldiers (INFANTRY): Production cost: 500; while its attack power and strength are low, it is the only unit that can capture a position; can capture a position by sending in four infantry soldiers
– Motorcycle (FWA): Production cost: 950; has the lowest attack power and its strength follows that of the infantry soldier, but its high-speed movement enables it to ransack enemy AI weapons on the front line


– Save and watch replays
– In the original game, you saved your progress with a password and without a traditional save, but now that password is saved automatically, so there is no need to save it yourself
– The screen settings can be changed to the CRT-like “Vintage” mode, “Dot by Dot” mode, and more

SEGA Ages Herzog Zwei will be released “soon” on Switch via the eShop.

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