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SEGA Ages Thunder Force AC details and screenshots

Posted on April 15, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch eShop

SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC

The official website for SEGA Ages Thunder Force AC has opened, revealing first details and screenshots for the upcoming Switch release. Today’s batch covers different modes, leaderboads, ships, and new features.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:

Arcade Mode

– Faithfully ported from the original arcade version of Thunder Force AC
– Arcade Mode is the main mode of the SEGA Ages version
– Based on the SEGA Saturn version of Thunder Force III, but with reconstructed game balance
– Some stages have been changed to new stages different from Thunder Force III
– Four playable ships, which will unlock based on your gameplay results
– By setting the version to “New” in the options, the mode will play based on the overseas version, increasing the performance of your ship

Kids Mode

– An easy mode for those who find Arcade Mode too difficult
– Higher attack power here
– Won’t lose your weapons if your ship is destroyed


– Two leaderboards for each of the four ships
– “Expert” leaderboards are for when the game is played in the initial settings of Arcade Mode (old version, normal difficulty, three lives, etc.)
– “Freestyle” leaderboards are for when the settings have been changed


– Choose from four ships
– The ship can be selected from the menu screen
– This is possible in both Arcade Mode and Kids Mode
– Fire Leo-03 Styx: highly mobile fighter developed by the efforts of the Galaxy Federation; small but its firepower rivals that of a large battleship; only ship you can choose at first; weapons include Tin Shot (Sever), Back Fire (Lancer), Wave, Fire, and Hunter—and can equip the Claw and Shield
– Fire Leo-03MP Styx Mass Product: Mass Product-type Styx that appears in Thunder Force IV; technical ship with enhanced backfire when changing speed, which can be used to attack and obtain a high score; by adding a button setting, you can use a “Roll” attack when the Claw is equipped
– Fire Leo-04 Rynex: main ship from Thunder Force IV, and the next-generation of super highly efficient fighters; weapons include Twin Shot (Blade), Back Shot (Rail Gun), Snake, Free Way, and Hunter—and can equip the Claw and Shield
– Fire Leo-o4 Rynex (Equipped with Thunder Sword): Rynex equipped with the ultimate weapon, which appears in the latter half of the Thunder Force IV story; along with the Rynex equipment, you can fire the “Thunder Sword” (the ultimate weapon) by equipping the Thunder Claw

SEGA Ages Features

– Save and watch replays
– Watch replays of advanced players from the leaderboards
– Sound has been converted to stereo (though some is monaural)
– HD Rumble feature can be turned on or off in the settings
– The screen settings can also be changed to the CRT-like “Vintage” mode, arcade atmosphere-like “Cabinet” mode, and more

SEGA Ages Thunder Force AC will be out “soon” on the Japanese eShop for 999 yen. 


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