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Shin Megami Tensei V daily demon vol. 149 – Belphegor

Posted on October 12, 2021 by in Switch, Videos

Atlus has released the latest Shin Megami Tensei V daily demon trailer. The latest video showcases the demon Belphegor, check it out along with some additional lore details below.

Here is some of the history behind Belphegor from the Megami Tensei wiki:

Belphegor is the demon lord of Sloth, one of the 7 Deadly Sins and a member of the Seven Princes of Hell. Belphegor gives people ideas for inventions that will make them rich and thus greedy and selfish. He was known as a phallic deity, associated with sex, orgies, and all forms of debauchery in general.

His most common forms are polarized in their appearances. Sometimes Belphegor is portrayed as a beautiful woman, naked in all her glory, to seduce those who would fall for his wiles, but other times Belphegor is portrayed as a monstrous male demon with leathery flesh, huge horns, long sharp teeth and fingernails and a gaping mouth.

Belphegor is invoked by mortals who wish to find fame and wealth through invention, often with as little effort as possible. These wishes, as with almost any demonic invocation, are doomed to fail, because Belphegor’s true mission is to draw the lazy into the sin of Sloth. Through the failure of whatever Belphegor provided to the invoker, he draws them into procrastination and idle dreaming rather than producing, thus damning them.

As one of the fallen angels, Belphegor was originally a member of the order of Principalities, and after his fall he became a demonic counterpart to one of the ten Sephiroth that oversee the Tree of Life. As a demon, he is described in Kabbalistic writings as the “disputer,” an enemy of the sixth Sephiroth “beauty.” When summoned, he can grant riches, the power of discovery and ingenious invention. His role as a demon was to sow discord among men and seduce them to evil through the apportionment of wealth.

Belphegor is a lieutenant from Hell, who had been dispatched to Earth on many missions by the devil. Some rabbis claim that he must be worshipped on a toilet, with offerings being the residue of ones’ digestion.

Belphegor was the patron of the Moab, a kingdom known to have been along the shore of the Dead Sea, on the eastern side, in what is now Jordan. According to De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal, he was Hell’s ambassador to France. Consequently, his adversary is St. Mary Magdalene, one of the patron saints of France.

His name is a corruption of Baal-Peor, the name for the god of the Moabites.

Shin Megami Tensei V is scheduled to arrive on Switch on November 12. Earlier coverage, including previous daily demon videos, can be found here.

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