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Sparklite update out now

Posted on December 2, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

A new update is now available for Sparklite. It features an End Run option from the pause menu, beat counts on world map, and lots more.

Below are the full patch notes:

End Run option from Pause Menu Player Request
Show Beat Counts on World Map – All beats available for each area in a given run
Add more space for available patches
Minor audio improvements

Save when Winning after beating the final boss
Brute no longer slides around and jumps off-screen in Furnaces
Moved Beat in Golden Woods biome that was stuck under chest (on saves created in / after this patch)
Save when Quitting
Fixed rare crash when loading into Shifting Sands
Balanced damage from hammer attack
Performance Optimizations
Rumble no longer gets stuck continuously on death or pause
Player no longer gets pushed outside arena in Boris fight
Walls no longer appear on top of caves, blocking gameplay
Gremlin Spawner no longer revives itself if it’s killed
Standing Ranged and Jetpack Gremlin easier to earn in Bestiary
Catersplitter Statue is no longer hidden in Bestiary
Ada no longer jumps into a sinkhole in desert forever
Buried Chest in Desert now has loot
Prevent Ada getting stuck when jumping down into tight collision
Fix player to be invulnerable during cinematics
Wingnut now cancels abilities when control is interrupted
Monty’s Crew Cards are no longer off by 1
Nail Puzzle in Swamp is fixed
Baron fight audio improvements
Companion Horn now works when Idle
Wingnut’s light no longer behaves as if it the improvement patch were applied
Removed useless Switches in Shifting Sands minigame Room
Widget Recycling Patch uses correct text
Beats Notes come from fruit of Desert tree rather than base
Raise volume on Monty’s theme (was quiet compared to rest of music)
Don’t play landing FX when jumping in pit


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