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Speedrunner discovers hidden coin in Donkey Kong 64 after 17 years

Posted on January 31, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Donkey Kong 64 has been around for nearly two decades. Nintendo published the 3D platformer way back on November 22, 1999. 17 years later, a new secret has been found within the game.

Speedrunner Isotarge discovered a new coin in Fungi Forest. Previously, it went undetected in tall grass. Players can obtain rainbow coins once a slam attack is performed on dirt piles, but Isotarge came across a new pile in Fungi Forest.

As Kotaku explains:

“Isotarge first noticed something was amiss after looking at how the game formats its save data. They were looking at the flags in Fungi Forest and noticing that the information for the rainbow coin was incomplete. They used analysis tools to shoot right to the dirt patch and discover the coin.”

So Donkey Kong 64 doesn’t have 976 coins to collect as once though. Instead, there are actually 977 coins in the game.


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