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Splatoon 2: version 4.2.0 coming next week, includes new Special Weapon

Posted on October 29, 2018 by (@OnePunchMaz) in News, Switch, Videos

Nintendo isn’t quite done yet with adding new content to Splatoon 2. Next week, on November 6th/7th (depending on your timezone), the game will be updated to version 4.2.0. One of the things to be added with this version is a new Special Weapon, the Ultra Stamp (a literal translation of its Japanese name, it might have a different English name). When using this weapon, you move forward while repeatedly striking the ground – this even protects you from attacks from the front to a certain extent; however you are vulnerable to attacks from behind. You can also rotate the weapon vertically and use it in the air by pressing the ZR button. You can also throw it by pressing the R button, but this ends the use of the Special Weapon. The tweet below has a video of the Ultra Stamp in action:



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