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Super Animal Royale announces Howloween event

Posted on October 19, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Super Animal Royale Howloween

Publisher Modus Games and developer Pixile Studios have announced a new, limited time Howloween event for Super Animal Royale. It’ll go live later today on Switch.

As part of the new event, “The Bwoking Dead” will be added as a new mode which supports 40 players in squads of four. Each match begins with four random players that have been infected with “The Cluckles,” an incurable condition that will shortly transform them into ravenous rotting chickens. On the bright side, Zombie Chickens have supernatural speed, hearing, and infectious chicken scratchers. Survivors can loot, shoot, hide, or group up with other squads to avoid being infected and catch the Giant Eagle for a ride out of the chaos.

The new Howloween event for Super Animal Royale also comes with a candy corn currency scattered across the island that players can collect and spend on limited-time cosmetics. 8 new items have been added, with 19 returning from previous years. Players can also unlock two new Super Animals Breeds in the Research Lab: the Super Night Mare (a fiery horse) and the Super Calavera Skullcat.

Finally, Pixile Port replaces the S.A.W. Shipyards and gives the eastern shoreline a major point of interest. Players can use shipping containers to use as cover, hide inside warehouses, fight in wide open parking lots, and visit the lighthouse just off the coast. Additionally, the Super Museum of Modern Art (SMOMA) in the southwest of the island has updated its art collection with the winners from the latest Super Fanart contest.

Here’s a video tying in with the Howloween event in Super Animal Royale:

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