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Full list of new Super Mario Bros. Wonder voice actors

Posted on October 20, 2023 by in News, Switch

super mario bros wonder voice cast

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is now available, and we have the full voice cast list for the game – including the new ones.

In many ways, the game it’s the beginning of a new era for the franchise as a whole. One reason why is that several characters’ voice actors have been completely recast. While Kenny James remains as Bowser and Caety Sagoian returns as Bowser Jr., most other characters that appear have new voices. Today, we’re going over all the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder voice actors and which characters were affected.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder voice cast

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Voice Actors

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Charles Martinet would be moving to the role of Mario Ambassador. Other than appearing at events and meeting with fans, it isn’t entirely clear what this role is – but it does mean he likely won’t be doing any more voice work (with the exception of remakes like the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD). Mario and Luigi’s new voice actor is Kevin Afghani, who generally sounds a little bit higher-pitched than Martinet but is still right on the mark.

Peach is still voiced by Samantha Kelly, but Daisy is no longer voiced by Deanna Mustard. She’s voiced by Giselle Fernandez instead – her new voice direction doesn’t appear to have as much attitude but sounds even more energetic. Samantha Kelly also voices Toad and Toadette in this game as per usual.

It’s important to note that more Mario characters have been recast. Since Charles Martinet has officially retired, Wario and Waluigi have inevitably received new voice lines. We’ve actually heard a tiny snippet of Wario’s voice in the WarioWare: Move It trailer, but there’s currently no word on who is providing the voice. Waluigi hasn’t appeared in any 2023 game, so we haven’t even heard his new voice. Martinet also voiced Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, so you can expect to hear new voices from them next time they appear in a new game, too.

List of voice actors

Here’s the full lineup of every voice actor credited in the game, along with their confirmed role:

  • Kevin Afghani – Mario and Luigi
  • Dawn M. Bennett – Nabbit
  • Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Caitlyn Elizabeth – Prince Florian
  • Giselle Fernandez – Daisy
  • Kenny James – Bowser
  • Samantha Kelly – Princess Peach, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, Toadette, Captain Toad
  • Caety Sagoian – Bowser Jr.
  • Mick Wingert – Talking Flowers [English]
  • Luís Barros – Talking Flowers [European Portuguese] 
  • Nakyoon Choi – Talking Flowers [Korean]
  • Paolo De Santis – Talking Flowers [Italian]
  • Ewout Eggink – Talking Flowers [Dutch]
  • Leandro Hainis – Talking Flowers [Brazilian Portuguese] 
  • Junji Kitajima – Talking Flowers [Japanese]
  • Anton Kobylko – Talking Flowers [Russian]
  • Rafa Parra – Talking Flowers [European Spanish]
  • Jérémy Prévost – Talking Flowers [French]
  • Ma Bo Qiang – Talking Flowers [Chinese]
  • Jan Uplegger – Talking Flowers [German]
  • Alan Fernando Velázquez – Talking Flowers [Latin American Spanish]

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