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Super Mario Bros. Wonder

During Nintendo’s recent GDC 2024 talk for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, it was revealed that Koji Kondo – the series’ longtime composer – suggested an idea for a Wonder Flower effect, but it was rejected before ultimately becoming one of the game’s badges.

After touching the Wonder Flower, Mario would become a live-action version of himself with human propositions. Players would progress while humming the background music and mimicking the various sound effects himself.

As for why Kondo’s Wonder Flower initial idea for Super Mario Bros. Wonder didn’t make the cut, director Shiro Mouri explained:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder unused Wonder Effects prototypes

Nintendo held a session at GDC 2024 today for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and it included a peek behind-the-scenes as information was shared relating to concepts, prototypes, and unused Wonder Effects. Director Shiro Mouri and producer Takashi Tezuka delivered the discussion.

One of the first things we see comes from Nintendo’s brainstorming session. Nintendo’s Koichi Hayashida has previously spoken about how everyone was allowed to submit ideas on sticky notes – the amount of ideas came in at over 2,000. Only a few of the ideas were shown at GDC, but we see things like Mario surfing, the character on a unicycle, and more.

During a financial results briefing Q&A this week, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa shared more insight into the sales of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Furukawa stated at the event that the game “served as a major driver of sales”. Additionally, the title’s sales “have grown at a faster pace than previous Super Mario titles.” As another tidbit, Furukawa revealed that around half of players play in multiplayer mode.

Furukawa said the following:

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mario Wonder GDC 2024

It’s been announced that during the 2024 Game Developers Conference, developers behind Super Mario Bros. Wonder and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be presenting talks.

The Zelda session is entitled “Tunes of the Kingdom: Evolving Physics and Sounds for ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’”. Technical director Takuhiro Dohta, lead physics programmer Takahiro Takayama, and lead sound engineer Junya Osada will “explore challenges their teams faced when approaching the popular sequel” and “will share insights on Link’s new abilities, composing Hyrule’s expanded sound design and music, and how these go hand-in-(Ultra)hand to create a new experience for players.”

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Yoshi

The developers behind Super Mario Bros. Wonder have commented on how the game’s characters were decided and also revealed a mechanic for Yoshi that was ultimately scrapped.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has the most amount of playable characters for the series yet. When asked by Famitsu in last week’s issue how they were selected, director Shiro Mouri said:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder icons Switch Online

October 19: Just in time for the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder comes a new batch of icons on Nintendo Switch Online.

Over the next few weeks, members will be able to pick up the designs for their profile. Nintendo will be rotating out the selecting every Thursday (early Friday for those in Europe).

Super Mario Bros. Wonder timer

In this week’s issue of Famitsu, a couple of developers behind Super Mario Bros. Wonder discussed the decision to remove the timer. Producer Takashi Tezuka and director Shiro Mouri chimed in.

The time limit has been a staple of the side-scrolling series since the very original game. However, Super Mario Bros. Wonder mixed up a number of aspects to the classic formula, and taking that out was one of those changes.

Super Mario Run 3.1.0 update Mario Wonder event

Super Mario Run hasn’t seen much in the way of new content in recent years, but believe it or not, a new version 3.1.0 update went live today that adds a brand new Super Mario Bros. Wonder event.

When performing certain actions in Toad Rally – or Friendly Runs – like stomping enemies or vaulting, the meter will fill up as usual. Once full, the Wonder Flower will appear – and you’ll even hear music from the Switch game. Coins in the stage will then turn into Gold Goombas, who can be defeated by touching them.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Rosalina playable mod

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has the most playable characters yet for a 2D side-scrolling Mario game, but Rosalina isn’t included in the fun. Some were disappointed by that fact, and to rectify the situation, one fan created a new mod to add her in.

Dytser is behind the mod which has already come a long way. Rosalina has “distinct transformations that look unique compared to the others”, and Dytser even gave her a new look for the Elephant power-up. Most of the transformations are done, but some are a work-in-progress.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder update 1.0.1

Super Mario Bros. Wonder just went live with its first update, bringing the game to version 1.0.1. Patch notes have been released detailing hat’s included.

The main change involves reverting your heart points to what they were when entering the course if you select “Restart” or “Exit Course”. It also includes adjustments to the staff credits and unspecified fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

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