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Super Mega Baseball 3 update out now (version 1.5.0), patch notes

Posted on December 1, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Super Mega Baseball 3

A sizable patch has gone out for Super Mega Baseball 3. Version 1.5.0 includes additional logo layers, improvements to Online Leagues, lots of bug fixes, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:


  • New settings are now available to both new and existing leagues:
    • Stadiums: choose to use the home team’s home park, or random stadiums each game.
    • Mojo and Fitness: choose to have Mojo and Fitness carry over from game to game, or reset each game.
    • Starting pitchers: choose to give users full control over their starting pitchers, use random starters each game, or rotate through the rotation.
    • Pitcher stamina: choose to have pitcher stamina carry over from game to game, or reset each game.
  • The Auto Ego option is now available for leagues that allow demo/trial players.


  • Logo editor customizations can now use up to 32 layers (up from 16).
  • Human-controlled fielders now only wave their hands when tracking a catchable pop fly if the fielder is guaranteed to arrive in time for the catch should the stick be immediately released.
  • Reach tag attempts are now interrupted when pressing a throw-to-base button, allowing a throw to start before the reach tag animation ends.
  • Batters no longer lose Mojo after a successful sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly.
  • Catcher throws on steal attempts now have reduced speed, particularly for low throwing minigame scores and catchers with low Arm skill, making it easier to steal bases against catchers with weak arms.
  • It is now harder to steal 2B or 3B after the pitcher steps off or performs a pick-off attempt.
  • Baserunners now tire a bit more quickly when changing directions on the basepaths, making it a bit harder to survive a rundown.
  • AI baserunners are now more likely to get picked off when preparing to steal a base.
  • AI baserunners are now less likely to attempt a steal as the defense attempts more pick-offs in the inning.
  • The pitcher will now fail to catch, block, or deflect comebackers that are hit well enough, though pitchers with high Fielding skill are more likely to get a glove on the ball.
  • The ball’s change in speed and direction following a missed catch is now less affected by the fielder’s velocity.
  • In Franchise, Season, and Elimination modes, players become or stay Juiced less frequently and more randomly.
  • In Franchise, Season, and Elimination modes, players tire less when they see less time in the field, resulting in the DH recovering more Fitness than other players between games.
  • A new “Corners In” infield defensive positioning option has been added.
  • AI infield defensive positioning decisions have been updated.
  • Umpires are now more accurate at calling reach tag outs applied by fielders.
  • Auto fielder selection changes no longer occur for the rest of the play after the switch fielder button is pressed.
  • AI-controlled pitchers now dive at slightly fewer hit balls.
  • In Pennant Race, unlocking a higher quality award in the same category as one you have pinned automatically replaces the pinned award with the new one.
  • In Pennant Race and Online Leagues that use the Auto Ego option, starting Ego values for new players have been adjusted.
  • In Pennant Race and Online Leagues that use random starting pitchers, starters with fewer starts in the current race/season are now more likely to be selected (but both teams are still assigned the same starting rotation slot).
  • In AI vs. AI games, fielders are now more aggressive at trapping runners on the basepaths.
  • In watch mode, the default camera view is now used when auto tracking is turned on instead of automatically keeping the ball in the center of the screen.
  • The positioning of the Mojo and Fitness updates that appear over a player’s head have been improved, particularly during cinematic sequences.
  • The sound of bat cracks that happen off-screen during strikeout cinematics have been subdued.
  • Players with the Timid personality type now have a more neutral facial expression on player cards.
  • Other minor, miscellaneous UI, audio, and gameplay improvements have been made.


  • Fixed: Tag outs can incorrectly register if a runner comes too close to a fielder the moments after a successful diving, jumping, or sliding catch.
  • Fixed: Fielders can completely miss catches (no “!”) on balls thrown to them while running to tend a base, particularly during rundowns.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, corner infielders can become stuck moving extremely slowly while tracking down a catchable pop fly, often leading to a failed catch.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, fielders can suddenly and unexpectedly leave a base when a throw to their base is started, often resulting in the throw sailing past the base.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, a fielder can release a throw to a base without waiting long enough for the fielder to arrive, resulting in the throw sailing past the base.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, no fielder runs to the base that a throw is initiated for, resulting in the ball carrier slowly jogging to the base.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, fielders can incorrectly leave a base to cut for a throw after a missed catch in the outfield.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, both middle infielders can track a shallow pop fly to CF for too long, leading to a failed out at 2B because no one was tending the base.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the wrong outfielder could be auto-selected with respect to the player’s input after a missed catch or after a hit leaves the infield.
  • Fixed: Stick input can unexpectedly refuse to switch fielders after the stick is released for a moment.
  • Fixed: Attempting to step out after the pitcher has already started a pick-off move results in the runner failing to safely dive back to the base.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, steal input issued during a pick-off attempt can be incorrectly ignored.
  • Fixed: AI baserunners can be baited into getting doubled off by performing a very early jump or dive on a high pop-up.
  • Fixed: AI baserunners can be baited into an easy tag out after a missed catch.
  • Fixed: AI outfielders can sometimes fail to throw home when they had a reasonable chance at an out at home plate.
  • Fixed: In online play, mashing the steal button can result in future steal attempts being rejected due to “Too many attempts.”
  • Fixed: In online play, the RBI count for the Pennant Race, Season, or Elimination shown after a home run is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Double throw sound can occur in online play when a short throw is queued up before the fielder catches the ball.
  • Fixed: Rapidly pressing the switch fielder button can fail to rapidly switch fielders.
  • Fixed: Middle infielder may not be correctly positioned to hold the runner at 2B following an offensive substitution.
  • Fixed: Pitcher can be knocked out from a softly hit ball while diving, sliding, or jumping.
  • Fixed: Ball collision with fielder can look incorrect during mistimed jumps or dives, particularly on high fly balls.
  • Fixed: Initial fielder selection can fail to select the pitcher when appropriate.
  • Fixed: Infield fly can be incorrectly ruled on line drives to the outfield that travel directly overhead of the pitcher or other infielder.
  • Fixed: Ball can be incorrectly ruled out of play when the ball hits the backstop fence or the nearby wall in Lafayette Corner.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, an error is incorrectly ruled when an outfielder bobbles a hit that is not catchable for an out, even when no runners advance any extra bases.
  • Fixed: Second runner to cross home plate can be incorrectly ruled out when a forced runner had yet to advance to their next base.
  • Fixed: The home park spinner is not available when accessing Team Hub via Online Leagues Hub.
  • Fixed: In online play, a bunt could be incorrectly rejected after a substitution should the batter have shown bunt before the substitution.
  • Fixed: Franchise news feed fails to scroll after the game has been running for some amount of time.
  • Fixed: When editing player skill values, the values unintentionally wrap from 99 to 0 and from 0 to 99.
  • Fixed: In online Franchise, Season, or Elimination play, the game can eventually crash after confirming the Finish Later dialog at an inopportune time.
  • Fixed: Ball hit off of the second deck in Lafayette Corner that bounces back into play can fail to register as a home run.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, the power swing score could remain visible after a passed ball.
  • Fixed: Players can sometimes clip with one another in the dugout at Colonial Plaza during home run cinematics.
  • Fixed: Trigger buttons sometimes scroll two pages at a time instead of one, particularly on the Season Schedule screen.
  • Fixed: The in-game player defensive position notification can incorrectly show “Now at DH” for a player that is removed from the game.
  • Fixed [Switch only]: Unable to pick a color in the Logo Editor when using a single joycon.
  • Fixed [Switch only]: Unable to edit the bracket of a Custom Elimination when using a single joycon.
  • Fixed [Switch only]: Unable to filter news items in Franchise Hub when using a single joycon.
  • Fixed [Switch only]: It is possible for the game to crash when controller vibration is triggered.
  • Mitigated: In rare cases, AI fielders can make a bad decision to take an easy force out instead of chasing or trapping a runner further along the bases.
  • Mitigated: Pitcher can fail to cover home fast enough during a rundown, leading to a failed out at home.


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