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Atsushi Sugano

Two significant Level-5 developers shared teases about what lies ahead for the company as part of a feature on Japanese publication 4Gamer.

Director Atsushi Sugano first told the site:

“In 2013, we released Fantasy Life Link!, which corresponded to our ‘connecting’ network theme. That was our answer to those from our development staff and players who voiced ‘I want to play more,’ and I’m grateful we were able to meet those expectations.”

“Again, while I can’t say more, there’s one more approach through which we’re currently challenging ourselves. I believe that ‘even if we go against predictions, expectations must be met’ when it comes to creativity.”

“We’re all currently working at our best to prepare something, so please wait just a little longer.”

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino was next. He stated the following:

“In the midst of a rather sluggish consumer game industry at the moment, I believe that the industry needs a ‘new game’. We’ll try our best to make a new title that’ll surprise all of you, so please look forward to that.”


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