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Defoliation was previously on track for Switch this summer. Over on the Japanese eShop, a release date of May 31 is listed. English is supported, so we may very well be seeing a worldwide launch here.

Defoliation is a mystery puzzle game. For those who missed our previous coverage, we have an overview and a trailer below.

At Tokyo Sandbox last month, Cosen announced that She Is Mermaid?! is coming to Switch. It’s now confirmed for the west as well.

At Anime Central 2018, Sekai Project announced it will localize the visual novel as My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!? A release is planned for both North America and Europe.

Behind the Screen just launched on Steam this month. That same game is coming to Switch, publisher Cosen has announced. It’s due out sometime in 2018.

Behind the Screen, a game that features puzzles, stealth elements, and fighting, has stories that are inspired by actual historical events in Taiwan. We have further information and a trailer below.

Cosen was present at Tokyo Sandbox in Japan recently, and had a bit more to say about the Switch version of Fight of Gods.

In Japan, the game will cost 1,500 yen. It’s due out sometime in 2018.


The puzzle game Defoliation is currently in development for Switch. Japanese publisher Cosen shared the news today, and also confirmed a summer release window.

Defoliation hasn’t been announced for the west as of yet, but we imagine it will make its way over. Continue on below for details and a trailer.

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