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Easy Trigger

With Huntdown releasing on Switch today, we now have a proper look at the game with a bunch of footage. Check out the gameplay below.

Huntdown is available on Switch as a digital download from the eShop.

Huntdown, a hard boiled action comedy arcade shooter, is out now for Switch. Find a launch trailer from Coffee Stain and Easy Trigger below.

Huntdown is available for Switch via the Switch eShop.

Easy Trigger and Coffee Stain have confirmed that Huntdown is in development for Switch. The “hard-boiled co-op arcade shooter”, featuring hand-drawn pixel animation, will be released via the eShop later this year.

In Huntdown, you’ll be killing the henchmen, taking their guns, and going after the leaders. Bounties will be collected level by level.

We’ve included Huntdown’s trailer below. The game is being shown off at PAX East this weekend.

Source: Coffee Stain PR