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idol manager release date

Idol Manager finally has a release date on Switch. The game is scheduled to launch on August 25, 2022, publisher Playism and developer GlitchPitch confirmed today.

Idol Manager was first confirmed for Switch way back in 2018.

For more on the game, read the following overview:

Idol Manager

Idol Manager ended up on Kickstarter last month in hopes of securing funding. The $5,000 goal was blown out of the water, raising over $50,000 in total. The campaign also managed to cross a Switch stretch goal this week just before it ended, so the project will indeed be made for the system.

Idol Manager “is a business sim about conquering the entertainment industry using any means you deem necessary.” You’ll be playing the role of a talent agency as you deal with crises, manage relationships between idols, grow your fanbase and more.

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