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Jackbox Games

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is in development for Switch, Jackbox Games announced today. Just a few minutes ago, the news was shared via a Twitter message:

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 launched at the end of 2016, and was very well received. It features a series of party games, including “the deadly quiz show Trivia Murder Party, the say-anything sequel Quiplash 2, the brain-battering guessing game Guesspionage, the t-shirt slugfest Tee K.O., and the sneaky trickster game Fakin’ It.”

Here’s a trailer that shows The Jackbox Party Pack 3 a bit more in-depth:


Jackbox Games has dabbled with various platforms over the years, but the company has never supported Wii U. In an interview with Destructoid, CEO Mike Bilder explained why.

Bilder noted that Jackbox’s lack of Wii U support comes down to production resources and market size. However, he did also say that the team “may support” Nintendo’s console in the future.

Below are Bilder’s full comments:

We’re a small team and we’ve done the development for all of our platforms in-house and we’ve self-published all of our recent games. We like the Wii U and may support it in the future but our recent lack of support is really a function of production resources, as well as market size. Amazon, Ouya, and others have been easy platforms to get to because of our technology.

We really feel the type of games we make – party games – are uniquely suited for this recent generation of set-top-boxes that feature games. Consumers of those boxes aren’t looking for AAA console quality games. If they are, they likely already have a console. But, some awesome, affordable party games (our games) that you can easily fire up on your TV seem like a perfect fit for that audience.