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loopers english

The visual novel Loopers, which was only just announced this month, already has a release date in Japan. Various retailer listings have revealed that it’s slated for June 2, 2022.

As far as languages go, Loopers will have English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese subtitle options. Only Japanese voice-overs will be included. However, the settings and digital manual support the three languages, and can be switched at anytime during gameplay.

For those that missed it previously, here’s a rundown of Loopers’ story, courtesy of VNDB:


Prototype intends to bring the visual novel Loopers to Switch, the company has announced. Japan will be getting the game on May 28, 2021. Additionally, a western release seems to be happening as English support is already confirmed.

Loopers initially came out for PC in May 2021.

We’ve included some information about the title below, courtesy of VNDB:

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