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Lunar Lander: Beyond

Lunar Lander Beyond gameplay

Gameplay is here for Lunar Lander: Beyond, the latest Atari revival that was made in partnership with Dreams Uncorporated. A little over a half hour of footage can be seen now.

Here’s an overview of the title from its eShop listing:

Lunar Lander: Beyond trailer

In celebration of the launch of Lunar Lander: Beyond, Atari and Dreams Uncorporated have come out with a new trailer. The reimagining of the Lunar Lander universe, described as an “adventure meets simulation” experience, just landed on Switch.

Lots of details about the game can be found via the following description shared by Atari:

Lunar Lander: Beyond release date

Atari and Dreams Uncorporated today passed along the release date for Lunar Lander Beyond. On Switch and other platforms, it’s slated for April 28, 2024.

Lunar Lander: Beyond was originally announced for Switch last summer. Atari was initially planning on a 2023 launch.

Lunar Lander: Beyond physical

Lunar Lander: Beyond will be receiving a physical release on Switch, Atari has announced.

Two different versions will be available. In addition to a standard copy, Atari is readying a deluxe edition. The latter includes an exclusive steelbook, a 146 page softcover art book, and the physical game with all contents packaged inside a collectible tuck-in box.

Lunar Lander: Beyond

July 13: Atari today unveiled Lunar Lander: Beyond, a new game based on the 1970s fan-favorite title. It’ll be available for Switch in 2023.

Lunar Lander: Beyond is being developed by Dreams Uncorporated, the studio behind Cris Tales. The upcoming project adds simulation and a deep narrative, along with precision gravity flier mechanics.

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