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Nintendo’s upcoming maintenance schedule has been updated. Downtime is planned towards the end of the month, impacting the eShops and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Nintendo’s maintenance schedule has been fairly static over the past week. Other than one eShop session coming up within the next couple of days, nothing else has been penciled in.

Here’s the full schedule:

As is weekly tradition, we have a look at Nintendo’s upcoming maintenance schedule. Only one session is officially confirmed, with eShop downtime planned for September 14 / September 15.

Here’s the full schedule:

We have a look at the latest Nintendo maintenance schedule as part of our weekly update. Three sessions are still planned over the next couple of weeks, all of which involve the eShop.

Here’s the full schedule:

Nintendo has updated its upcoming maintenance schedule. There are still three sessions that were previously announced, but there’s now another period planned specifically for the Switch eShop.

Here’s the current schedule:

We have a look at the latest maintenance schedule from Nintendo, although not much has changed since last week. The same sessions previously planned remain on track without any new additions.

Here’s the current schedule:

Nintendo has outlined its maintenance schedule for the next month or so. There’s actually nothing coming up this week, but a number of sessions are planned leading into September.

Here’s the current schedule:

At least for the time being, Nintendo has only one period of maintenance that’s been officially scheduled. All of the eShops will be impacted for a few hours on August 3 / August 4.

The current schedule is as follows:

We have a look at Nintendo’s upcoming maintenance schedule, although not much has changed since last week. A couple of sessions are still planned for all of the eShops.

Here’s a look at where things stand at the moment:

Nintendo has given a bit of heads up regarding its future maintenance plans. There’s not a whole lot that’s scheduled, but we do know of three different periods lined up leading into the start of August.

Here’s what we know of at the moment: